Friday, January 04, 2008

What It Do - First First Friday of 08

I have to say this has been an awesome start to 2008. Mummery, DJ Sega mixtape, Flamin Hotz doing big thangs. Philly is doing it real big. Holla back!

  • First Friday - Stop by 222 Gallery for the Big Kids / Little Kids kickoff tour. Also, stop by Space1026 for Brian Wilmont, saw it last night, looks good.
  • No Let Me Ride, repeat No Let Me Ride, its now 2 and 4th Fridays
  • White T's White Belts with beards in the building. I ain't talkin about chicken and gravy mang, I'm talking Freeway!! $15, no guestlist, open bar, byob.
  • Pex vs Playloop - Techno and deep house with Lee Mayjahs at The Barbary
  • Hip Hop Lives with Philadelphia Slick and Electric City at the M Room
  • Mummer strut down 2 Street as the Mummers gather to honor the winning fancy brigade.
  • Mad Pussy - The 5151 Mixtape Series DJ Sega Rockstars vs Clubheadz official release party. Brick Bandits in the Building downstairs with Sega, Tameil, Tim Dolla and DSJ downstairs. Brendan Bring'em upstairs doin the damn thing.
  • Designer Drugs guests at Hurrah at Medusa
  • Stakeout House music upstairs at the Khyber

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