Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Santigold 20 Min Mix

Just lifted this from the Mad Decent blog. Its a 20 min little mix by Santogold's Dj Martelo. Its a lot of dancey rock, Miami Bass, punk, the switch remix of the awesomely produced disco d track Shove It, some reggae jawns, and a bunch of other shit.

Pretty refreshing for a Wednesday afternoon.
Sangtogold 12" also for sale over at TTL


Martelo said...

glad u liked the mix!

got a mini version for the annie mac show coming up this week i think?

ill send it ur way wen its done, if thats cool?

di1 said...

Definitely, please do. Congrats on the Annie Mac placement.

Martelo said...

here you are!!

we played in paris last night at the stella mcartney after party!?! fash - on..


do u want a tracklist??

di1 said...

Holla! Thanks. I found the tracklist and posted it up here