Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I feel nice

When I lived in Japan I was broke as shit. So I got a job helping this English teacher transcribe interviews about using rock n roll music to teach English to Japanese kids. It sucked but if you know me I love doing shitty jobs for no money just to do a shitty job for no money. Come to think of it it wasn't that bad and I used to transcribe in his office and blast the tape that they used to teach English, it was like all Carpenters tunes, that Mariah Carey song about Christmas, and that song about the dude who cheats and now he no longer has dancing shoes.

So my boy's sister ends up going over to Thailand to teach English in this little ass village and chill out in Thailand for a year. Basically she used to run in Philly and I always wanted to holler at her but was dating this other girl at the time. She used to wear so many scarfs. Like tons and tons of scarfs and work at Urban. So hot. He was over there recently and he sent me some pictures they all looked so fucking happy. He says I no longer have a chance with his sister unless I move to Thailand. Seriously considering that.

Here is a video of her teaching English with the power of the godfather of soul. Look at how happy those kids are. Break It Down.

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