Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NY Times: Hip-Hop’s Newest Faces: Indie, Fierce and Female

Santi, Amanda and Rose on the set of B.O.O.T.A.Y

The NY Times profiled the new crop of female MC's this past weekend, many of which we've been covering for awhile, including Amanda Blank, Santogold, Kid Sister and Yo Majesty (playing this Friday at 4am, guestlist here).
But in the wake of the critical favorite M.I.A., a new crop of young, multicultural, female hip-hop acts is causing a stir on the Internet and in indie-label conference rooms.
There’s Kid Sister, a cheeky, charismatic rapper from Chicago who recently released a video featuring Kanye West; Amanda Blank, a nasty-mouthed M.C. from Philadelphia who is associated with the hipster male hip-hopper Spank Rock; and Santogold, a new-wavey singer and dub-style rapper from Brooklyn who toured with Bjork last fall.
Holla! This is going to be a huge year for these three girls as all three expect to release albums this year. The only qualm I have is that they say Santi is from Brooklyn. They later go on to correct themselves and say that Santi is "now living in Brooklyn" but don't mention that she is from Philly.

NYTimes: Hip-Hop's Newest Faces: Indie, Fierce and Female

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