Friday, January 11, 2008

What It Do

What is up people? Philly stay doing it real big in 2008. We got that motivation. We on our Philly grind. I'm bout to get up out of here and get my drink and my 2 step on. All the haters better Get Down On the Ground.

  • Philadelphyinz at Medusa. Get yinz pirate on.
  • Casi G pick - :ravens:and:vultures: over at Johnny Brendas. -$8 and they are too cute West Philly Asian hippieesters that make electronic folk. I enjoy them.
  • Hip Replacement with Mike Tee, billy W and friends at the Khyber
  • Mad Pussy doing the damn thing. Get buck downstairs with DJ Sega and Dirty South Joe. Mainfloor, you know how Brendan does. He doesn't have off nights. $5 on the guestlist.

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