Sunday, January 06, 2008

T2 - Heartbroken (Ft. Jodie)

Late pass, Bassline is the new 4x4 from two step which is the old speed garage or Niche which was cool in like 2003 but fuck it. I am about this shit since it like touchs my inner lady friend and turns me into a queefy puff ball, well I guess into a bigger queef ball. I am kinda crying into my 40 right now. One of those songs that I would bug out in the club yet I can still turn it up loud azz shit in my house and cry in the shower too and still feel like a man after looking at myself in the mirror and putting on my stripper underwear.

Sadly this video does not do justice to this song. Its way too UK. If this was shot in the US it would be all about this girl who is heart broken cause her hipster boyfreind in some crazy clothes is cheating on her. Basically the video would be shots of dude driving around Philly in a white 5.0 mustang drop top (circa Vanilla Ice in Ice Ice Baby, yeah I took it there) picking up shit for his date with the other chick while the heartbroken chick follows him around on her fixie playing detetive. Maybe first picking up a bottle of wine at the Rittenhouse Wine Store, cruising over to that flower spot off Washington Square, getting a taco in South Philly, then finally ending up in Fishtown for some psuedo organic food. And den right heartbroken girl walks in on there meal, and starts a food fight, and it will be all epic and slow like the spike jones shit with food flying all slow and dude will look all salty. Then she will leave and go to Arts Garage and get on stage and flip out and do some raps making the crowd go wild with like interjecting shots of the food falling to the ground and girl ripping the stage. But then right a super sceret quick psuedo video pops off at the end where we learn that this girl is also dating another dude so like shes mad salty that she's getting cheated on but shes also a maneater. FUCKING NEXT LEVEL. Like when you saw the end of smake my bitch up, just a mind fuck.

Now We had something so true I realised
I meant nothing to you I guess you thought
I was your fool Got a confession to make...
Now I realise the truth I don't want anything to do with you
It's just the way I was attracted to you
Got a confession to make...

I'm heartbroken (without your love)
Im heartbroken (Cuz, I've had enough)
heartbroken I don't know what to say

simple as phat

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