Friday, January 11, 2008

Rittenhouse Missed Connections

Dear Residents of 51st and Osage avenue. It was really nice to meet you guys the other day and go to Mc Glinchey's to drink Porter and talk a lot of shit. Its nice to meet new people who are not at all up on anything you do and you get to talk about all this other shit that is totally not in your world and shit like that. Thanks for the good tip for hitting on that bar tender. I think she now likes me and eventually repeated the phrase "Down To Pound", now I need the balls to go do it. I hope to see you randomly hanging out in Rittenhouse again smoking on a bench and then we can go to a new bar that I have never been to. I hope we provide enough moments for your 60 block walk home. That is some serious shit especially since we got wasted. So give me a shout on the email some time when you got something interesting poppin off in Narberth, I seriously am gonna go to Maido sometime and pop in that bookstore to surprise you.



The Salty Bitch said...

While I hope that you get this girl, I must admit I also hope this girl is an English teacher because reading that shit is STILL painful. But just in case she isn't the literary sort, here is a website to help you out.

Casi G said...

Nah I ain't gonna get that girl she got a dude. Yo send me an email I am trying to holler at you. I am incredibly attracted to salty bitch's with bad tattoos who generally make poor decisions and are allergic to money. You sound kinda snooty too so thats kinda the icing on the cake. We can have grammar lessons in the park and drink red wine and smoke cigars.

Then I can take you all the way to the other side of the park and try to make out with you by that tree. I think this is only funny if you were sitting with me while I was making fun of these 16 year old kids who went over to climb a tree and the dude didn't kiss the girl and the girl got all mad and ran away.

now that shit was funny and reminded me of when I was 16 and a skater dude.

Yo and a big shouts to those hippy Penn kids who were throwing the frisby around with the light on it. When it hit that rittenhouse socialite girl in the head while she was talking on her cell phone was just the spark I needed to crack that second 32oz of Colt 45.