Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sloppy White Free Downloads

Not sure how I stumbled into Sloppy White but this dude actually got some heat on that DJ tip. I first heard the Fat Tape when I was writing reviews for Tiny Mix Tapes which was this anti pitchfork thing like three years ago and is now on some other shit. So and den right see this dude I guess is finally offering up all his mixs for free which is pretty dope since my boy Luke ganked my Fat Tape in like 2005. I got this I think right after hearing the Hip House mix tapes by the Rub which have also disappeared from my stash of Cd's.

Also the best part of his site is that he goes through every single record on his mixs and shows you the covers and shit. Really interesting since most of these are like records from the early 90's and pretty unknown to me since I was rocking the shit out of some Phish Bootleg tapes at this point in my life.

Get at Sloppy White here

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