Friday, December 28, 2007

What It Do: Last Weekend of 2007

Oh snap. Here I thought I was going to be posting up this week. Instead I was busy, busy staying up late watching TV and busy sleeping all day. When the hell did that Rcrd Lbl thing grow to be a giant eyesore? Removing ASAP.

  • Socket with the Rdn Twns at the Barbary ( 951 N. Frankford)
Monday: New Years Eve

Guns n Bombs and Hip Hop

Mad Pussy this Saturday. Guns n Bombs, straight blog house in the basement. Watch a live performance here. Now on the main floor, its Black Thought, from the legendary Roots crew, Dice Raw from Nouveau Riche and Brendan Bring'em. It's all for the birthday party of Bad Boy Record's Kwasi Asare and the Philly debut of his artist Blitz the Ambassador.

Guestlist for $5

Bonus: Blitz The Ambassador - Hands of Time

Throwback Fridays - 1999

9 years ago? How time flies.

Todosantos Live Saturday at The Barbary

Todosantos will be playing live at the Barbary this Saturday with Jhn Rdn, Designer Drugs and Club Lyfestile. Its going to be pretty incredible. The Acid Girlzzz EP out now, restocking at Turntable Lab.
Todosantos - Acid Boys and Acid Girls

Vaudevillains City Paper Cover Story

The Space 1026 Mummers collective, the Vaudevillains, are this week's City Paper cover story. Ryan Creed looks into how a bunch of art school kids invaded the ranks of the Mummers brigades.

"They're going to laugh at us! We're the Bad News Bears of the Mummers!"

The New Year's Day Mummers Parade is one of Philadelphia's oldest and most popular traditions, second only to Independence Day. Despite its size, familiarity with the parade is still largely confined to the Delaware Valley. Having roots dating before the Civil War, the parade was officially recognized by the city government in 1901, and its present-day incarnation still shares much with the past: Members of Mummers brigades (largely South Philadelphia men of European descent) wear flamboyant costumes and perform choreographed dances with a rowdy, public drunkenness akin to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
The Vaudevillains will be marching 4th in line, starting at 8:45 from Broad and Washington and will be performing in front of City Hall. Be sure to catch them in person or on TV.

Citypaper: Never Mind the Sequins, What the Hell Are the Space 1026 Kids Doing in the Mummers Parade?

Friday, December 21, 2007

What It Do

Happy birthday Seg! Holla! I'm faking my way through this. Friday looks dead, am I missing something? Alot?

  • Sundae house party with Dirty and Lee Jones and Bryon the intern at La Veranda
  • Socket with the RDN TWNS at Barbary
See yous next week sometime, maybe monday.

WTWB at Transit Saturday

White T's back at Transit this Saturday. Crew love like whoa today. Emynd, Bo Bliz and Dan teh motherfucking Swede. No tickets, just a $5 guestlist and free PBR and Ciroc vodka 10 - 12. Holla! One!


Like wow. Freeway. Beards will be in the building. White T's will be in the building. First Peedi Peedi and now Freeway? I've been holding out on posting this until I got an official flyer just to show how official this really is. I just had to throw some Freeway on. Did you get Free At Last? Do you understand that it's about to go down? EARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY One!
Oh right, Freeway January 4th at White T's White Belts, Arts Garage 1520 Parrish

No One Who Reads This Blog Carries About Indy Rock

Is this true. No one emailed me about that Ema CD. Fuck it then I am gonna go back to giving away Mix Tapes and shit.

Who knew that Couche-Tard is a convince store in Canda?

But fuck if it isn't the name of one of the best BBC mix tapes ever. Every BBC mix tape is just so good. I remember getting the first Viola mix tape and just buggin out. Lil John mixed with Pink Floyd in the hay day of mashups and shit like that. Plus they always got them cool Superman shit in the mix. Well not on this mix but on Heavy Metal Mamossa and shit like that. Man Darko I still really want a Darko shirt. Get at me. Oh yeah and he posted that Christmas mix over on the fully fitted blog. If you were lucky and got one from him it came in a Christmas card with a warning sayin, "This is really a mix of all Christmas music". Best part about Couche-Tard mix is that its got like three ska cuts in mix. I am so hyped that Ska is like in the mix next to some dope funky soul and then into so future disco and reggae cuts and shit like that.

Okay funny story about BBC and me. Not really to many cause I am such I fan I stay on the dance floor. I guess in LA I was totally buggin out with them when they was playing the ECHO. They dropped the Riddin Dirty cut on the dance floor and it totally went over well. Oh I guess it should be noted that the Sou Funk record with the Rocky Theme is used in every Spank Rock show and was featured in some You Tube Clip where Spank Rock busts out from under the Dj Booth to it with a cape.

They are basically the number one people I want to work with besides Amanda Blank.

On some other shit no more indy rock cd's although I got a ton of them.

If you want the BBC Couche-Tard mix, email 5151List [at] gmail with the subject "Put that Couche-Tard On Me"

Throwback Fridays - Black Hole Sun

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun.

Look it's not rap music! Inspired by the "great galactic beef" that Caps blogged about.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Wire Series Finale

I am so stoked for this and so sad at the same time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Years Eve Plans?

So what do you have planned? Here's a few options for you to wade through.

  • Paper Street presents Datarock with Low Budget, Brendan Bring'em, Juiceboxx and DJ Dee Jay playing in the backstage room. Holla at the flash invite and buy tix, currently $25.
  • Making Time sans guests at Transit. Tickets are $30 and $40 at the door. Admission includes an open bar.
  • Fluid is hip hop with Mike Nyce, Statik, Ultraviolet, Kenny Meez and Rob Paine. 2 floors with The Latest Dish offering 2 Hour open bar and "fabulous food" 9 - 11. $40 b4 11, $20 after. Buy tickets at the website.
  • House music all night long with the Sundae crew at Vango Lounge and Sky Bar. Lee Jones, Dirty, Bryon the intern and Aaron Dae. Festivities begin at 9. UPDATE: SOLD OUT
  • Hellcat Girls Burlesque at the Barbary.
  • Looking more bar/restaurant? Philly Weekly has you covered.
  • Robotique at Medusa with Mike T, Billy W, Darklord and Meg E. Mitch with no cover, $2 sparks til 12 and a champagne toast at midnight. See comments for more.
I feel like I'm missing something. Am I?

Update: thanks to our faithful commenters I've added Robotique to the list. Also Sundae New Years is sold out.

Beanie Sigel Films Anti Violence PSA

Watch Beanie Sigel - All of the Above ft Kells. Buy The Solution today.

Jeru the Damaja with DJ Too Tuff

Advanced Warning: Centerstage Promotions presents Jeru the Damaja with DJ Too Tuff and DJ Tat Money at the Tritone and hosted by Cee Know the Doodlebug of the Grammy award winning Digable Planets!!!. Holla. Scientifical Madness for real for real. Advanced tickets are only $13 and $20 at the door. Feb 1st seems like a long way away, but it's only like a month away. Pick up tickets at BrownPaperTickets.

Edible Cocktails

Photo courtesy of neatorama
Yes edible cocktails thanks to Dave Arnold, the head of culinary technology at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. David had developed a technique that will turn a pickle into a martini.
Arnold cuts peeled cucumbers into spears and puts them in a Mason jar filled with an 8-to-1 mixture of gin and vermouth. He also adds a touch of simple syrup to counteract the cucumbers’ inherent bitterness. The Mason jar is then placed into a vacuum machine, which removes the air, collapsing the cucumbers’ air pockets...
When the vacuum seal is broken, the martini mixture rushes in to fill the spaces in the cucumber where the air used to be.
Just imagine how many martinis she is holding in that picture. Oh and if anyone wants to buy me a Gastrovac for Christmas, email me and I'll send you my address :) It sounds like you could then make all sorts of edible cocktails. So many possibilities. Mmmm.

Also, if there are any pickle lovers, looking for their soulmate, I think I found your perfect match: Miss M Pickles

Edible Cocktail, The

Edit: Alternatively I might just get the Reveo, not quite as cool as the Gastrovac but quite a bit cheaper.

Nothing Fancy Is Back

Nothing Fancy Volume 8 is now up. This version focuses on collections with 24 different artists and a musician. Also featured S P Lunny aka the director of Baby Rat and Bangers and Cash - Pussy. Be sure to check it out, some great stuff in there. Also, really cool is "Real Art Love Letters" from Jeremy Gecker. Following the rabbit hole I stumbled upon Mailbox Friends. All in all, good stuff.

Visit Nothing Fancy Volumes

Ninjasonik - Tight Pants

This is out of control. Si Young dropped this at the Jang House on Monday. PackOfRats provided backup vocals. It was pretty ep.ic. They're from North North Philly, or Way North Philly. I think I like North North Philly better, but 215Mag seems to prefer Way North Philly.

Holler at them on MySpace.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Avenue Q in Philly

Woohoo! Avenue Q is playing in Philly for two weeks at the Forrest Theater. A portion of the actors in Avenue Q are actually puppets, however, this is not the Muppet Show. The theater warns against bringing children under the age of 12 as the show deals with adult themes.
AVENUE Q is the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. He soon discovers that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q; still, the neighbors seem nice...Together, Princeton and his newfound friends struggle to find jobs, dates, and their ever-elusive purpose in life.
For an idea of the type of musical Avenue Q is, watch "The Internet is for Porn" animated using Warcraft characters.

Avenue Q runs from January 29th to February 10th. Tickets range from 31.50 to 126.50 and can be purchased here. Read more about Avenue Q.

Two One Five Magazine Launch Party

Tonight, come celebrate the launch of Two.One.Five Magazine at Silk City. The event is free with RSVP and starts at 11. DJ's Statik, King Britt, Steve Bloodbath and White T's White Belts are all slated to grace the decks. I must say I saw the first issue at the Diplo and friends jawn and it looked really good. Congrats!

More Info RSVP by sending an email to

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Jang House and PackofRats Birthday

30 at the club. Come celebrate as PackofRats begins his "descent into old age and irrelevance". Tonight is his actual birthday so come out and buy him a shot as he attempts to dj with notable other non DJ MC Spankrock aka DJ Leroy Jetson and That Dude Ian. Actually there will be a real DJ and his name is Si Young. He's good. To make all of this that much more interesting, this is the start of a weekly party at the Barbary. Jayson also wanted me to blog about the conversation he had with John Thousand yesterday at the Flea Market. They got into a discussion about who the best kisser in Plastic Little was. Kurt thinks Jayson kisses like a girl and Jon was a bit upset that he hadn't got to kiss Jayson yet. I suggested a kissing booth and they both agreed. This is a special opening night jawn, so don't miss out.

The Jang House at The Barbary (951 N. Frankford every Monday)

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (video)

"I fly like paper, get high like planes"

Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss

Yo, for whatever reason Saturday I couldn't get this track out of my head. I'm thinking Diplo played it. Video highlights include 55 seconds in and Chris Brown rockin the Sabres fitted. What up Caps? Favorite verses follow:

Yo this is Nappy Boy radio live
With ya boy T-Pain
We love rap music
Girl I'm the king so that means I'm flyyy (awwww ruff)
If you wit it girl (ruff)
Get it poppin (ruff)
You so hot hot hot hot
You think I'd be hollern if you not not not not
I'm king of the town you can take a look around
Nappy Boy (AAA) and Pretty Boy (AAA)
Nappy Boy (AAA) and Pretty Boy (AAA)
Nappy Boy (AAA) and Pretty Boy (AAA)

Also, all of T. Pain. Pain wins out for the Nate Dogg award. I know, this is old.

Friday, December 14, 2007

What It Do

Holla! Can't wait for tonight. It's about to be on. Also, got a project brewing that is about to be huge and can't wait to announce it on Monday, maybe Tuesday. Also, I promise I'll post more than videos next week. I felt like I was turning this into a vlog, but I'd rather post content than nothing at all. Speaking of which, I'm still trying to track down a new source for the Bangers and Cash - Loose video, I knew I should have grabbed it while it was up. Anybody else notice how we got kind of dirty in a good way though. By the way, got any sordid tales from a late night jumpoff? Maybe how you met your side jawn? I'm talking Penthouse letters, not Harlequin Romance. Send it to me with names changed, and I'll post your tail tale.


Enjoy The Emma Pollock CD for Free

I got this CD a while ago and it just sat in my drawer. Then one day I put it on and had the first song on repeat for the whole day. Imagine one of those video montages of the same song were the listener is laying in a bunch of different positions on the ground, in the chair, typing, laughing, thinking, maybe alittle bit of crying and the song keeps playing. Well that was me one day all hung over at work. I was laying on the floor and shit looking all indy. Then it was 4:30 and I was like let me listen to the rest of the CD and I wasn't really feeling it. Its for like girls who wanna be standing in the rain while the dude they kinda like is driving away after they just had a light lunch and made out in rittenhouse square but only lightly since you don't wanna show any PDA but really cause she is kinda crushin on that cute red head dude that has that funny off center tattoo on his arm and he is always carrying around his little toy dog thats cute but only in that insensitive sort of way paired with a scarf, on a dude. Seriously I was kinda feeling this so now I am gonna pass it on to some chick or overly sensitive dude who is in the hug club.

Saturday with the Juan McLean

Its The Juan MacLean at Transit this Saturday with them Philadelphyinz on the main floor. You know DFA records, then you know them. Heck you probably know them better than I do. Don't worry, Brendan is still killing it downstairs and Dirty has the house music bumping upstairs. Also, free PBR 10 - 12. That pretty much pays for the 6.99 ticket itself. Get tickets here.

Btw, will be compiling New Years Eve plans real soon. Do you have plans yet?

Vaudevillains NYB and Space 1026 Update

So remember that Space 1026 Auction? Yeah? One of the auctions was to be part of the Vaudevillains Mummers New Years Brigade and yours truly won. I'm super excited about this especially since the main perk is that I don't have to sew. I would if I could but alas I can't. This means come New Years Day you can point and laugh or come support as I parade down Broad Street. This weekend in support of the Vaudevillains is the 24 hour Sew-a-Thon.

The Vaudevillains, the 1026 Mummer Brigade, will be hosting a 24 hour sewing marathon and telethon style variety show to help raise funds for the upcoming Mummer’s Day Parade. Noon to noon. Saturday to Sunday.

This event will be broadcast live to the internet. Watch online and make a donation. Broadcast begins this Saturday at noon. We will be sewing, dancing, laughing, watching movies and sharing food for 24 hours straight.

Come visit and show your support.

Event Highlights:

Saturday December 15th
8 - 10pm Comedy by Non-Comedians : Hilarious comedy by your friends.
10pm Pinata Party : Smash something. Get Candy.

Sunday December 16th
7-10am Project Mummer Sew Off : Members square off to sew the best wench.
10 - 11am Vaudevillains Rehearsal : Watch us rehearse our NYE performance.

We will also be projecting movies, practicing our dance moves and building a huge octopus. Join us!

$5 gets tons of fun. Visit in person at 1026 Arch Street, or head on over to

In other Space1026 news, go check out their Ebay art auction. After all the mummer madness be sure to stay for the Space 1026 Flea Market.

For now, take a listen to the mix, mixed by one Pandemonium Jones and watch the dance rehearsal.

Throwback Fridays - G Thang

Its like this and like that and like this. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg - Nuthin' But A G Thang

Mad Decent Video Podcast

Holla! Mad Decent Video Podcast Vol. 1 featuring none other than System D128. 5.5 minutes of Mad Decent / System D128 jumpoffs. You know the dealio. Subscribe and holla at me if you don't have one of the earlier episodes.

Subscribe now.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saul William's Niggy Tardust Haiku

Saul and Trent combine

and create great Nine Inch Nails

but not quite the same

Get the point? If not here is a little more extrapolation for you.

Point: This new album by Saul Williams shows growth and development by him as a song writer and as a vocalist. He moves out of his poetic flow, mostly, for more singing, chanting and some screaming; to varying degrees of success (and, in my opinion, little failure.) Lyrically, his specialty, he moves away from much of his direct lyricism and towards a more opaque, metaphorical style.

Counterpoint: Fans of his that vehemently hate the sound of Nine Inch Nails will probably dislike this record. Fans of Nine Inch Nails that could ultimately love this record will most likely never give it a chance because they "saw him (Saul) open up for Trent and he was pure crap." (real quote...repeated several times to some idiots I xenophobic friends)

Below is their cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

Niggy Tardust - sunday bloody sunday

Buy or download for free Niggy Tardust

30 Foot Tall Dollar Bin Jams

This is so ridiculous its awesome.

Sexy Beau Bridges and Joy Harmon in Village Of The Giants a spoofy movie where a gang of juvenile delinquents ingest a substance and grow to 30 ft tall, then proceed to take over a small town. directed by Bert I. Gordon (based on a novel written by H.G. Wells) , music by Jack Nitzsche with an appearance by The Beau Brummels, choregraphy by Toni Basil. This track by Jack Nitzsche, called The Last Race, is also featured on Quentin Tarantino's last movie soundtrack : Death Proof 2007).
I swear 30 foot Joy Harmon wasn't the only reason I posted this.Dollar Bin Jams Where Are You? You're my only hope.
Speaking of Dollar Bin Jams, Mike T is opening up his own vintage record and clothing store where you too can buy dollar bin jams. SweetJane will be located at 1724 E. Passyunk. Opening reception is this Friday from 7 - 10 PM and includes complimentary spirits and sound waves from Shawn Ryan, Billy W and Kyle [M]. Look a flyer.

Learn more about Village of the Giants at PCLinkDump

Def Jux Belt Buckle and Dog Tag for Sale

El-P talking shit on Spank Rock sparked the hottest comments battle on this blog. Shit was kinda unincredible with three friends talking bullshit to each other probably all drunk by themselves in front of a computer when they should have been out and about getting wasted at a bar drinking with some overweight bitches. Instead they was like lets stay inside talk about hip hop cause like when I grow older I am totally gonna keep it real and teach my kid about that real shit and not that wack shit even though my son has an angle haircut and is listening to fall out boy 2 the sequel or maybe fall out boy will be like the Stones or some shit.

But this brought up the fact that I once was super into Def Jux fan boy type shit. And I mean super super into Def Jux cause I thought they were gonna change Hip Hop. I had the first Can Ox, Co Fo split 12" and sat in my dorm room buggin out. I just sat staring at the art work and the rhymes about scientifical word play madness. I was dating this girl totally into Jay Rule at the time and she was like turn that shit the fuck off and lets listen to some music that we can ball out in a hot tube in even though we was in the middle of Indiana in the winter time. We had a deep understanding of each other at that time so I totally tried to explain to her the power of Deep Space 9mm when I played it for her and her response was "no one would ever dance to this shit". And to this day thats still true. The production is incredible but its headphone music. So of course for the whole time we were dating I just thought I was musically superior to her. Then I heard the RJD2 single and my whole life was flipped since that dude really was the next Dj Shadow. This she enjoyed but still thought it was not as good as Snoop Dog, so I tried to educate her. Then we moved to Philadelphia together which I am super duper happy about even though the three years we lived here together were pure hell. So after buying all the Def Jux 12"s and CD's and shit and the promise to overthrow hip hop it dawned on me. They are not gonna do it. They just exist in there own scene that they created and will be the top of the heap in that scene. That’s about it. They don't really have cross over appeal there is no face of the Def Jux camp that is gonna be able to go up against Young Jezzy or what ever. They are just two different genres and it’s pretty stupid to compare them. If Def Jux really wants to cross over like that then they should sign Mickey Avalon but even his beats are not based on space samples and that really annoying sound the phone makes if you leave it off the hook for to long. There greatest hope for cross over appeal was RJD2 and all the shit he is touching right now turns to shit.

Bottom line is once in like 2004 Def Jux was running this special to buy a special DJ bag or some shit and inside was a bunch of records. Included in that was this special RJD2 private pressed record for his tour gigs of like special blends and break cuts for his live act. This is before Serato and all that shit so that’s what people used to do and any ways I wanted one. So I had to buy this whole craziness which I wasn't that mad at since I was a big Def Jux fan but..

Now I have this Belt buckle and Dog Tag that I have never worn so if some one wants to buy it for their independent hip hop hommie get at me. Oh yeah the belt buckle is the vinyl monster thing from Def Jux PSt Vol 2. Vinyl monster haha how things have changed.

I will let both go for a cool 50 bucks just hit me up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Doin It Well Calendar

Art can always compensate for, how do you say, uh risque images. Take for example Loose, in the future there will be term papers written about the social significance of Bangers and Cash. Meanwhile, fellow Philly artists have compiled an artistic calendar fit for friends, brothers and side jawns alike. Enter the Doing It Well 12 Month Calendar:
Recipients will be able to savor that holiday magic year round with twelve full color 9x9 glossy illustrations of everyone's biggest fantasies. Acts made popular by internet creeps and urban legend are brought to life in fantastic illustrations inspired by The Angry Pirate, The Donkey Punch, and everyone's favorite, Dog in a Bathtub [plus 9 more!].
Sadly 2 Girls 1 (insert finale here) was too much of a late phenomenon to make it, but hopefully next year. Order Doing it Well for less than the cost of a cab ride and cheap bottle of wine ($12) from Bent Stationery.

The Love Movement - YoYoYo

TLM Episode 005 - 12.12.07

From The Love Movement, my favorite Philly artists not living in Philly any more.
Thanks for putting up with us for another year, from our art shows in LA to Art Basel in Miami it has been a long year. Now it's time for your reward, our 2nd Annual Holiday Giveaway. We are giving away more sh*t than Oprah... 75 Hand Screenprinted Wave Prints, 12 TLM Shirts, 10 Yo! What Happened To Peace Books, and 4 Art Pieces From Previous Gallery Shows.

In order to win a present check the video below and follow the instructions.

Hurry up cause I just sent my email. Pick up any of The Love Movement shirts from Ropeadope. Tom Jonze already told you, but this is a perfect time for a Christmakwanaka present.


Kinfolk Kia Shine - WOW

I really want to hate on this. A lot. I mean it's Krispy just not quite as good. But I can't quite get it out of my head. I want to be in the club at like 1:29 and do that WOW thing or maybe do it in the middle of a meeting at work. If only I could get the cartoon effects popping off I totally would. Also you can't touch my "Tech Game".

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco are: Bangers and Cash feat. Amanda Blank - Loose (video very NSFW)

Where as all yall were hoping to see booties in B.O.O.T.A.Y. and it was entirely too wholesome, the gang made up for it with this one. Favorite comment so far "wow,i've never seen a porn music video this is amazing." Think Spank Rock invading a porn shoot and rapping with lots of champagne. Couple friends stop by including Brendan Bring'em, Rose from Sweatheart and Dirty South Joe. In the immortal words of Amanda Blank "These bitches is nasssttyy."

UPDATE: Imeem pulled the video down, but its up on youtube, probably not for long.

Copyright Organizations are going too far...

going after charities?!?!

Cool Hand Lex - The Pimp is Finally Free

Got this tribute mix from Cool Hand Lex in the mail.
I wanted to hit you with this Pimp C tribute I mixed live earlier this week. The song selections are based off my favorite Pimp verses. I saved the tricks for other mixes; this is just a sampling of Texas flavor from the late pioneer. Check out the end where I edited some interview snippets that I think really capture what the dude was about.
Download Cool Hand Lex - The Pimp is Finally Free (track list)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Prodigy - ABC

Video For Prodigy 'ABC' Off Of 'H.N.I.C. II' Coming Soon

Here's yet another freaky video. This should have came out around Halloween. If you're squeamish at all hit pause at 4:23 or so.

Master P - Gutta Time

Here's a video for Master P (and friends) - Gutta Time. Um, yeah.

Bonde do Role - Marina Gasolina (video)

Here's the new video for Bonde do Role's "Marina Gasolina". I have no idea what's going on.
In other news Marina is no longer in Bonde do Role. Gorky mentioned it during his minimix on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show.

Friday, December 07, 2007

What It Do - December First Friday

Ah, Holiday parties. Have any good stories? None you want to share publicly. Oh I understand it's totally Ok, only Katie from the mailroom remembers that one anyway and she wants a promotion. She totally won't send those photocopies of you to the VP. Play on playa.

  • First Friday - Just cause there is snow on the ground doesn't mean there isn't wine in the galleries. In fact there will be more cause there will be fewer travelers out there. You can come later since you're walking slower. Its the "jump off" as the kids say.
  • Let Me Ride with Oh Fuck its Steven Bloodbath at Fluid
  • White T's and White Motherfucking Belts til late
    • Really? I don't have to tell you do I? Ok you're new I'll be gentle, Emynd, Bo Bliz and teh Swede do the damn thing and personally I hope they play UGK all night. They won't there will be some white belt action when the swede jumps on the decks. Stay with me here $10 and open bar or bring yo own if yous don't like sparks and beer.
  • [click] at Barbary. 951 n. frankford
  • Mad motherfucking pussy with Turbostation and Oh Murder and Si Young and Strawberry Mansion and Shawn Ryan and Dirty doing house and Brendan Bring'em killin em downstairs. $5 on the list, free PBR for all the haters and $2 ciroc vodka drinks til 12.
  • Pi Lam with Broadzilla and some others. West Philly like whoa and by west philly I mean U. City.
  • Drink until the eagles win. Stop before you go to the emergency room and blame it on me after they lose.
  • Jimmy Happy Birthday!

Scotti B x's Bird Peterson

Yiippy ya do do do do dododododod

Like autumn leaves being sucked into the hellfire of the cosmos, we present to you Bird Peterson's Plays... EP. Mr. Peterson, or Texas-based Andrew Hoke, has one goal in his lifetime. This goal, which we wont mention until the end, is carried in a diamond-crusted flintcraw that sits in the passenger seat of Mr. Petersons Ship Of Hot Jams. He guards this bag with a cloak made of wishes and peppermints. And he has a jet. Boat. He has a jetboat.

In conclusion, Bird Petersons goal (the one we mentioned earlier) is coming true for everyone that listens to his hot dancefloor masterpeices. Are you ready to be a part of the magic? Are you ready to harness the power of the wizards touch? Are you capable of fusing together energy and will? Are you going to run through the hallway of your office, ripping your tie off while Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel blares in your mind? Are you going to take the wheel to the Sparkleship Seven as it blasts at full speed towards the sun? Can I borrow 20 dollars? Are you going to accept the red hot power of a thousand glowing electric guitars at your next church potluck? If so, then buy this record.

I love this text by the way. Scotti B turned in one of the weirdest forward thinking Baltimore club remixs that we have ever heard and I kinda love it.


Bird Peterson - Nerdout Music 79 (Scottie B remix)

Throwback Fridays - Wood Wheel

You know I had to post a UGK video. RIP Pimp C.

Damage Control did a tribute Wednesday, listen to it here.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Hey look its not a video! Next Saturday check out DunkXchange at Solo nightclub. Come buy, sell or trade kicks from 1 - 6 PM at Solo Nightclub, 520 N. Delaware Ave. This is an all ages event with DJ Aktive on the 1's and 2's and MC's Scanz and Channel Live from Rawkus. Admission is $10, vendor tables are $100. Contact info is on the flyer above. Sponsors include Afficial, Exit, Fresh Melt Water and Pedestrian.

DunkXchange Space

Cee-Lo=Teh Shit!

Say Hi To Rye Rye up on their ish. Or maybe they just saw the video after it got featured on Youtube front page. 380,000 views just don't read the comments. Just amazing, and incredibly hateful and not just in a "I don't like this song" way.

Rye Rye

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Diplo, Blaqstarr, Sega and Dirty South Joe

Sclusssivvvee!!! Its so sclusive that the guestlist link doesn't even work yet. Diplo & Blaqstarr vs DJ Sega and Dirty South Joe. This is some round the corner at fluid steez.

You want in on this? Email me at 5151List [at] gmail with Dipdown in the subject and I got you. Oh man, this is about to be major, ya heard? Major major guests coming thru.


dbt dbt dbt dbt dbt dun dun dun dun dun dun ddun air horn vocal burbr brurbrburbur

This is like the new type of music I am into. I have no idea what its called but I know its not dubstep. Basically its like that hybrid shit 4x4 and like speed garage and shit. I first got into from listening to Trouble and Basssss mixtapes and hearing Drop the Lime dj out and drop these nasty little gems. Then it was further solidified listening to the Dubsided camps bass lines that Herve, Switch and Sinden be droppin. Then I heard Todosantos and shit just floored me since they was using elements of this but in a new way. Then like a month ago I was told by a member of Todosantos that this genre is called Nichestep or some shit like that and I am totally into it. Todays mix I have been jammin all day is from these dudes Fagatronix that I grabbed out of Fact Magazine. Shit is nice and slammin. Fagatronix sound like some myspace dj crew of whateverness and this mix smacks of a bedroom and ableton live but I am totally feeling it.Added bonus they drop a Dwizz track...

Since your already over at Fact you might as well take a read of Sindens year wrap up of shit he is feeling. The article is dope highlighting a lot of my favorite people killing it in the game right now also, Buraka, Dude and Nem, Trouble and Bass etc just go read it.

Side note to Fagatronix you should read Catchdubs article in the new Fader about The New Dj Culture. You can download it from Itunes.

Mix here

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - B.O.O.T.A.Y.

Find more videos like this on RCRD LBL

From Rcrd Lbl
We are proud as punch to unleash the video premiere of "B.O.O.T.A.Y", from Bangers & Cash, aka the twisted minds of Spank Rock and Benny Blanco. The song and video also features the talents of the lovely Illvia (of Kudu) and Santogold (of her own damn self). Directed by Jesse Engaard, known for his much-loved video for Spank Rock's "Rick Rubin"
Holla. Recognize where its shot at? Yo, so I had issues with the player (on the rcrd lbl site) where it would stop and start over if it hadn't finished loading. Hit play now, and go check your email and then come back to it. Hey, its better quality than YouTube and the video is the jump off.

Rcrd Lbl

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

UGK - The Game Belongs to Me

I'm just going to keep posting videos. This is one of my favorite songs off the one of the best albums of the year. Be Free Pimp C.

UGK - Tell Me Something Good

Its Wu-esday - Barrel Brothers

Above, see Toney Siegel aka Ghostface Killah and Beanie Sigel ft Styles P - Barrel Brothers off the Big Doe Rehab out today. Not to mention 8 Diagrams out today and that new Styles P. Out next week is Beanie Sigel's Solution. Got to get 'em in for the holiday season.

RIP Pimp C

TMZ first broke this and I didn't want to believe it but its true. Pimp C's publicist has confirmed it. All of this after Spice 1 was shot twice earlier this morning and left in critical condition. I really wanted to post "Pocket Full of Stones" but couldn't find the video for it. A hip hop legend has passed.


Yo this is the dude(to the left) that sold me a ticket to the show from Bmore. Good looking hommie we were gonna try and invite ourselves into your game of Asshole to get some free beers but had to go pick up that other ticket. Hit me up next time you are in Philly.

To look at other pictures from the after party take a look over here at two one five website. The pictures really suck loading cause they is trying to milk that add revenue for all its worth.

Supposedly some drama popped at this party between MIA and Diplo as reported by Philiberty, but who really cares when you could see Santi doing her thang on the dance floor. Biggest let down of the night was DJ Sega going on for 5 mins on the main floor before the lights came on. I think he played the action news theme and they cut him off.

Monday, December 03, 2007

White T's and Paper Street

A short video about White T's White Belts, Paper Street and Jokers of the Scene. Courtesy of Joe Maggiolo.

Stateless Acoustic

I fell in love with the singer's voice on the last DJ Shadow record. Stateless is more akin to mixing Radiohead with DJ Shadow usually, but this song is an acoustic rendition. And. It. Rules.

Kid Sister f. Kanye West "Pro Nails"

Juke it girl. Now playing on mtvU.