Thursday, December 13, 2007

Def Jux Belt Buckle and Dog Tag for Sale

El-P talking shit on Spank Rock sparked the hottest comments battle on this blog. Shit was kinda unincredible with three friends talking bullshit to each other probably all drunk by themselves in front of a computer when they should have been out and about getting wasted at a bar drinking with some overweight bitches. Instead they was like lets stay inside talk about hip hop cause like when I grow older I am totally gonna keep it real and teach my kid about that real shit and not that wack shit even though my son has an angle haircut and is listening to fall out boy 2 the sequel or maybe fall out boy will be like the Stones or some shit.

But this brought up the fact that I once was super into Def Jux fan boy type shit. And I mean super super into Def Jux cause I thought they were gonna change Hip Hop. I had the first Can Ox, Co Fo split 12" and sat in my dorm room buggin out. I just sat staring at the art work and the rhymes about scientifical word play madness. I was dating this girl totally into Jay Rule at the time and she was like turn that shit the fuck off and lets listen to some music that we can ball out in a hot tube in even though we was in the middle of Indiana in the winter time. We had a deep understanding of each other at that time so I totally tried to explain to her the power of Deep Space 9mm when I played it for her and her response was "no one would ever dance to this shit". And to this day thats still true. The production is incredible but its headphone music. So of course for the whole time we were dating I just thought I was musically superior to her. Then I heard the RJD2 single and my whole life was flipped since that dude really was the next Dj Shadow. This she enjoyed but still thought it was not as good as Snoop Dog, so I tried to educate her. Then we moved to Philadelphia together which I am super duper happy about even though the three years we lived here together were pure hell. So after buying all the Def Jux 12"s and CD's and shit and the promise to overthrow hip hop it dawned on me. They are not gonna do it. They just exist in there own scene that they created and will be the top of the heap in that scene. That’s about it. They don't really have cross over appeal there is no face of the Def Jux camp that is gonna be able to go up against Young Jezzy or what ever. They are just two different genres and it’s pretty stupid to compare them. If Def Jux really wants to cross over like that then they should sign Mickey Avalon but even his beats are not based on space samples and that really annoying sound the phone makes if you leave it off the hook for to long. There greatest hope for cross over appeal was RJD2 and all the shit he is touching right now turns to shit.

Bottom line is once in like 2004 Def Jux was running this special to buy a special DJ bag or some shit and inside was a bunch of records. Included in that was this special RJD2 private pressed record for his tour gigs of like special blends and break cuts for his live act. This is before Serato and all that shit so that’s what people used to do and any ways I wanted one. So I had to buy this whole craziness which I wasn't that mad at since I was a big Def Jux fan but..

Now I have this Belt buckle and Dog Tag that I have never worn so if some one wants to buy it for their independent hip hop hommie get at me. Oh yeah the belt buckle is the vinyl monster thing from Def Jux PSt Vol 2. Vinyl monster haha how things have changed.

I will let both go for a cool 50 bucks just hit me up.


di1 said...

Yo what the best part of Def Jux is? Jeremy Fish. Bwahahahahaha!

Yo, so is it this jawn?

Casi G said...

No it predates that one. Its really really really lmtd edition.

I would post a pic of it but Geo Lucas got my camera stolen but some girl's coke dealer and he now is learning how to sew to get my hippy bag back.

Oh yeah p.s. geo luke when I call you on Saturday you better fucking pick up.

Tom Jonze said...

casi, you are one funny dude.

i think that aesop has kinda crossed over the most of all those dudes. even more than RJD2. his last album and single got real MTV spins and *some* commercial hiphop play.

Casi G said...

Um that is MTVu and MTV2 spins correct and commercial hip hop spins in what markets? bottom 20 (midwest) or top 5 (NY, LA, CHI, ATL, PHL)? Putting my money on the latter.

All I am is sayings is its Different worlds.

P.S. Spank Rock has only gotten MTVu and MTV2 spins also. So I am not trying to put him on Lil Wayne level yet but I think it could happen for him quicker then in can for Aseop just from a musical standpoint. Crossover appeal not to say one way or the other is good or bad. Its really up to the artist right, where do they want to be in music industry. If Aseop really wanted to be on Lil Waynes level all he would really have to do is buy a Dr. Dre beat and hope his record label has enough money to get it on the radio enough times.

In all honesty its really how much money does your record label or who ever have to throw at MTV and radio stations payolla shit.

You gotta spend money to make money thats for sure.