Friday, December 14, 2007

Enjoy The Emma Pollock CD for Free

I got this CD a while ago and it just sat in my drawer. Then one day I put it on and had the first song on repeat for the whole day. Imagine one of those video montages of the same song were the listener is laying in a bunch of different positions on the ground, in the chair, typing, laughing, thinking, maybe alittle bit of crying and the song keeps playing. Well that was me one day all hung over at work. I was laying on the floor and shit looking all indy. Then it was 4:30 and I was like let me listen to the rest of the CD and I wasn't really feeling it. Its for like girls who wanna be standing in the rain while the dude they kinda like is driving away after they just had a light lunch and made out in rittenhouse square but only lightly since you don't wanna show any PDA but really cause she is kinda crushin on that cute red head dude that has that funny off center tattoo on his arm and he is always carrying around his little toy dog thats cute but only in that insensitive sort of way paired with a scarf, on a dude. Seriously I was kinda feeling this so now I am gonna pass it on to some chick or overly sensitive dude who is in the hug club.

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