Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Edible Cocktails

Photo courtesy of neatorama
Yes edible cocktails thanks to Dave Arnold, the head of culinary technology at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. David had developed a technique that will turn a pickle into a martini.
Arnold cuts peeled cucumbers into spears and puts them in a Mason jar filled with an 8-to-1 mixture of gin and vermouth. He also adds a touch of simple syrup to counteract the cucumbers’ inherent bitterness. The Mason jar is then placed into a vacuum machine, which removes the air, collapsing the cucumbers’ air pockets...
When the vacuum seal is broken, the martini mixture rushes in to fill the spaces in the cucumber where the air used to be.
Just imagine how many martinis she is holding in that picture. Oh and if anyone wants to buy me a Gastrovac for Christmas, email me and I'll send you my address :) It sounds like you could then make all sorts of edible cocktails. So many possibilities. Mmmm.

Also, if there are any pickle lovers, looking for their soulmate, I think I found your perfect match: Miss M Pickles

Edible Cocktail, The

Edit: Alternatively I might just get the Reveo, not quite as cool as the Gastrovac but quite a bit cheaper.

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