Friday, December 21, 2007

No One Who Reads This Blog Carries About Indy Rock

Is this true. No one emailed me about that Ema CD. Fuck it then I am gonna go back to giving away Mix Tapes and shit.

Who knew that Couche-Tard is a convince store in Canda?

But fuck if it isn't the name of one of the best BBC mix tapes ever. Every BBC mix tape is just so good. I remember getting the first Viola mix tape and just buggin out. Lil John mixed with Pink Floyd in the hay day of mashups and shit like that. Plus they always got them cool Superman shit in the mix. Well not on this mix but on Heavy Metal Mamossa and shit like that. Man Darko I still really want a Darko shirt. Get at me. Oh yeah and he posted that Christmas mix over on the fully fitted blog. If you were lucky and got one from him it came in a Christmas card with a warning sayin, "This is really a mix of all Christmas music". Best part about Couche-Tard mix is that its got like three ska cuts in mix. I am so hyped that Ska is like in the mix next to some dope funky soul and then into so future disco and reggae cuts and shit like that.

Okay funny story about BBC and me. Not really to many cause I am such I fan I stay on the dance floor. I guess in LA I was totally buggin out with them when they was playing the ECHO. They dropped the Riddin Dirty cut on the dance floor and it totally went over well. Oh I guess it should be noted that the Sou Funk record with the Rocky Theme is used in every Spank Rock show and was featured in some You Tube Clip where Spank Rock busts out from under the Dj Booth to it with a cape.

They are basically the number one people I want to work with besides Amanda Blank.

On some other shit no more indy rock cd's although I got a ton of them.

If you want the BBC Couche-Tard mix, email 5151List [at] gmail with the subject "Put that Couche-Tard On Me"

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grace said...

i would have but i dont know who they are , and im not a nothern american...


merry christmas!