Friday, December 07, 2007

What It Do - December First Friday

Ah, Holiday parties. Have any good stories? None you want to share publicly. Oh I understand it's totally Ok, only Katie from the mailroom remembers that one anyway and she wants a promotion. She totally won't send those photocopies of you to the VP. Play on playa.

  • First Friday - Just cause there is snow on the ground doesn't mean there isn't wine in the galleries. In fact there will be more cause there will be fewer travelers out there. You can come later since you're walking slower. Its the "jump off" as the kids say.
  • Let Me Ride with Oh Fuck its Steven Bloodbath at Fluid
  • White T's and White Motherfucking Belts til late
    • Really? I don't have to tell you do I? Ok you're new I'll be gentle, Emynd, Bo Bliz and teh Swede do the damn thing and personally I hope they play UGK all night. They won't there will be some white belt action when the swede jumps on the decks. Stay with me here $10 and open bar or bring yo own if yous don't like sparks and beer.
  • [click] at Barbary. 951 n. frankford
  • Mad motherfucking pussy with Turbostation and Oh Murder and Si Young and Strawberry Mansion and Shawn Ryan and Dirty doing house and Brendan Bring'em killin em downstairs. $5 on the list, free PBR for all the haters and $2 ciroc vodka drinks til 12.
  • Pi Lam with Broadzilla and some others. West Philly like whoa and by west philly I mean U. City.
  • Drink until the eagles win. Stop before you go to the emergency room and blame it on me after they lose.
  • Jimmy Happy Birthday!

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