Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Yo this is the dude(to the left) that sold me a ticket to the show from Bmore. Good looking hommie we were gonna try and invite ourselves into your game of Asshole to get some free beers but had to go pick up that other ticket. Hit me up next time you are in Philly.

To look at other pictures from the after party take a look over here at two one five website. The pictures really suck loading cause they is trying to milk that add revenue for all its worth.

Supposedly some drama popped at this party between MIA and Diplo as reported by Philiberty, but who really cares when you could see Santi doing her thang on the dance floor. Biggest let down of the night was DJ Sega going on for 5 mins on the main floor before the lights came on. I think he played the action news theme and they cut him off.

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