Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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This is like the new type of music I am into. I have no idea what its called but I know its not dubstep. Basically its like that hybrid shit 4x4 and like speed garage and shit. I first got into from listening to Trouble and Basssss mixtapes and hearing Drop the Lime dj out and drop these nasty little gems. Then it was further solidified listening to the Dubsided camps bass lines that Herve, Switch and Sinden be droppin. Then I heard Todosantos and shit just floored me since they was using elements of this but in a new way. Then like a month ago I was told by a member of Todosantos that this genre is called Nichestep or some shit like that and I am totally into it. Todays mix I have been jammin all day is from these dudes Fagatronix that I grabbed out of Fact Magazine. Shit is nice and slammin. Fagatronix sound like some myspace dj crew of whateverness and this mix smacks of a bedroom and ableton live but I am totally feeling it.Added bonus they drop a Dwizz track...

Since your already over at Fact you might as well take a read of Sindens year wrap up of shit he is feeling. The article is dope highlighting a lot of my favorite people killing it in the game right now also, Buraka, Dude and Nem, Trouble and Bass etc just go read it.

Side note to Fagatronix you should read Catchdubs article in the new Fader about The New Dj Culture. You can download it from Itunes.

Mix here

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