Friday, December 07, 2007

Scotti B x's Bird Peterson

Yiippy ya do do do do dododododod

Like autumn leaves being sucked into the hellfire of the cosmos, we present to you Bird Peterson's Plays... EP. Mr. Peterson, or Texas-based Andrew Hoke, has one goal in his lifetime. This goal, which we wont mention until the end, is carried in a diamond-crusted flintcraw that sits in the passenger seat of Mr. Petersons Ship Of Hot Jams. He guards this bag with a cloak made of wishes and peppermints. And he has a jet. Boat. He has a jetboat.

In conclusion, Bird Petersons goal (the one we mentioned earlier) is coming true for everyone that listens to his hot dancefloor masterpeices. Are you ready to be a part of the magic? Are you ready to harness the power of the wizards touch? Are you capable of fusing together energy and will? Are you going to run through the hallway of your office, ripping your tie off while Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel blares in your mind? Are you going to take the wheel to the Sparkleship Seven as it blasts at full speed towards the sun? Can I borrow 20 dollars? Are you going to accept the red hot power of a thousand glowing electric guitars at your next church potluck? If so, then buy this record.

I love this text by the way. Scotti B turned in one of the weirdest forward thinking Baltimore club remixs that we have ever heard and I kinda love it.


Bird Peterson - Nerdout Music 79 (Scottie B remix)

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seg said...

This is a dope mix.

Yes, I just said that.
I dig the low-fi instrumentation.