Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Love Movement - YoYoYo

TLM Episode 005 - 12.12.07

From The Love Movement, my favorite Philly artists not living in Philly any more.
Thanks for putting up with us for another year, from our art shows in LA to Art Basel in Miami it has been a long year. Now it's time for your reward, our 2nd Annual Holiday Giveaway. We are giving away more sh*t than Oprah... 75 Hand Screenprinted Wave Prints, 12 TLM Shirts, 10 Yo! What Happened To Peace Books, and 4 Art Pieces From Previous Gallery Shows.

In order to win a present check the video below and follow the instructions.

Hurry up cause I just sent my email. Pick up any of The Love Movement shirts from Ropeadope. Tom Jonze already told you, but this is a perfect time for a Christmakwanaka present.


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