Friday, September 29, 2006

What it Do

Last weekend of September already? Seriously? Dayum, son, where is the time going? Well more events to make time go faster so I can continuously say this, promise I'll only mumble this to myself at least for another month or so.

  • Last Friday at Minnow with Steven Martin& Mark Price (700 South 6th Street)
  • Spector Gallery is closing and they're going out with a party (510 Bainbridge)
  • Philly Aids Thrift is celebrating their one year anniversary tonite
  • Deep C @ Bubble House (3404 Sansom)
  • Hands & Knees with PBR and Sparks (M room, 15 W Girard)
  • Back to Drum n Bassics @ Vesuvio (736 S 8th Street)

From Tha Hip

From Tha Hip is a exploration into the hip hop culture of the early 1980's in Philadelphia. From Tha Hip was created and choreographed by Clyde Evans Jr. founder of Chosen Dance Company.

The plot follows Cole aka Lil C in the early 80's after moving to Philadelphia from the islands. His father wishes Cole to receive a good education and play soccer yet the difficulties of moving to a new country and fitting in with his classmates find Cole gravitating toward hip hop and breakdancing. The play features two acts full of Philadelphia flavor, popping, locking, Adidas track suits and Subliminal Orphans who are backed by a live band.

I saw this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like hip hop and breakdancing, be sure to check this out. The play runs until October 1st at the Prince Music Theater with tickets ranging from $10 - $40. $10 tickets are available for students at the box office only. Buy tickets here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spank Rock the Troc

What an amazing show. Spank Rock and friends absolutely killed it. There was so much energy and so much quality music all in one venue. This should be the new traveling festival. Spank Rock and friends coming to a town near you to find all the Backyard Bettys, Bumping the speakers with plenty of bass.

Nouveau Riche opened up the show with a 25 minute set early in the night. You can check one of their live tracks at the bottom if you missed it. Contra, MIA's tour DJ, was up next playing plenty of booty shaking jams to get everyone hype for the rest of the night. Juiceboxxx was the first live performer and really set the tone for the night. His set was incredible. Straight out of Wisconsin, Juiceboxxx covered more square footage the rest of the night. He was on stage. He was in the crowd. He was at the back of the crowd. He climbed up the speakers and on to the balcony. He was everywhere. At the end he had everyone lay down and then jumped back up when the song banged again. This kid has so much heart and energy it was amazing.

Up next was Plastic Little. Jon Thousand, NBC and Pack of Rats kept things going as they normally do. Highlights include: Stunna glasses from CVS, Pack of Rats rolling around both stages, Driz Hollering and handing out beer to the crowd, Pack of Rats pouring a beer on his head and then singing the Whole New World section of Driz Hollering, using 3 mics at a time because 1 is never enough, Rats affection for Squid and all the usual P.Little antics. Sadly there was no Ghostface appearance but the album will be out as soon as they stop adding and tweaking tracks.

Tittsworth came on immediately after to keep the crowd bouncing with that Bmore club. The place was packed and wilding out and ready for Spank Rock. XXXchange stepped on stage and started setting up. Devlin and Darko stepped up and continued where Tittsworth left off. The drums from Love Peace Project started and the crowd cheered as Cool MC Disco Spank Rock stepped on stage. Far Left to What it Look Like, Chilly Will, Rick Rubin and more. The crowd sang and danced along to their favorite Spank Rock songs. BBC did their thing on the decks. Pase Rock kept things moving along. Next track to come along was Bump and out from the back came Amanda Blank to do her verse along with Rose from Sweatheart. The crowd went absolutely crazy when they came out and took over the stage. Classic Amanda Blank straight killing at and making the crowd go nuts. Amanda's disco ball boots were crazy as well, straight blinding me before she got on stage. After her verse, since Spankro put her on blast she called out Plastic Little to do Now I Holler. P. Little was hyped, bringing out their PBR and spitting their verses alongside Spank. The lower stage turned into a rowdy moshpit of P. Little, Rose, Amanda, Pase and Spank Rock. Darko came out next on the mic singing "Ass Titties Funky Ass and Titties" alongside Pase Rock which they modified from an old Five Deez song. Race Riot on the DanceFloor (Shake it til My Dick Turns Racist) absolutely kills everytime they play it and this was no exception. The lower stage turned into a dance floor as Spank Rock finished.

Deluxxx came up next and had a short set to segway into the godfather of Bmore club Rod Lee. Lee brought nothing but heat and brought out Spank Rock for a freestyle session. 2:30 the lights came on and the night was over. Shout out to Paper Street with support from Simplefly for putting the show on. dMarie Groundscore took 45 mins of footage and plenty of pictures and should have them up soon. Anthem Magazine had a photographer there so watch out for that. If you have pics or videos hit us up:

Friday, September 22, 2006

What It Do - On Notice

Tonight is going to be E.P.I.C! Preview of the Matrix 12! Spank Rock. Plastic Little. Rod Lee. Tittsworth. Juiceboxxx. Deluxxx. Brendan. Nouveau Riche. Dave P/And Dim Sum dance party. Contra. 9PM jumpoff. Get it in. Just ignore the underground fires and manholes popping off. Nothing to see here.


September Monthly Mix Winner

The Low Budget monthly mix winner is Selecta Duppy Ranks aka Ross Hogg. Ross Hogg along with his wife and DJ partner Neta play all over the Bay area as Ital Selection. Hogg Check the site to find out where they're playing next. Hit up the store to pick up Slump and Grind 2, Conscious Decisions or Love Letters.

Alaine - Come for Me
Assassin - Mouth Mek Fi Chat
Buju Banton - Any Weather Any Season
Capleton - Hits Pon Toppa Hits

**DEM TIME DEH RIDDIM (Left Side & Esco)**
Vybz Kartel - No
Elephant Man - Gal Bruk Out
Sean Paul - All Out

Busy Signal & Mavado - Full Clip
Mavado - Dem Nuh Real McCoy
Vybz Kartel - Nah Shot A Soul

**Busy Signal - Where I'm From (Greensleeves)**

Craig Dennis - All Day
Round Head - High Grade

**RED BULL & GUINESS RIDDIM (Greensleeves)**
Wayne Wonder - I Don't Give A Damn

Delly Ranx - Badda Than We
Beenie Man - Come From Nuh Weh
Bounty Killer - Bullet

**GULLY SLIME RIDDIM (Natural Bridge)**
Mr. Pepper - Gangsta Guerrilla
Elephant Man - Nuh Ready For Di Video
Tony Matterhorn - Goodas

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Get Rad Tonight at Pure

First off I would like to thank Dave P etc for bringing in Soulwax and 2 Many DJ's. Thats nice and all but on a Wednesday? Damn, I'll be drinking a little bit of coffee tomorrow.

2 Many DJ's have to be one of the sickets DJ groups there is. Soulwax' "NY Excuse" has been banging in our headphones for awhile now. It goes down tonight at Pure nightclub, 1221 St. James St. (on St. James bet. 12th and 13th and Walnut and Locust Sts.). Tickets are $12 and there is free Sparks & PBR 9 - 11.

No excuses tonight as there is no Wednesday night weekly for the next two weeks.

I would link to their websites but they are absolutely painful and I wouldn't want you going through that tragedy. If you must:

Spank Rock and Friends - Friday, September 22

Friday, September 22nd at the Trocadero in Philly. Two floors of music and party mayhem going from 9pm to 2am (if we don't tear the roof off the Troc first). You will be getting laid for years to come just by saying you were here. Tickets are on sale right now for only $10 for our "internets goin' nuts" pre-sale, they will be $20 soon if it doesn't sell out first. (Be careful about clicking the links to these dudes My Space pages below, your head might explode from awesome.) First person to purchase tickets and send us an email to with the subject "I'm emigrating to Canadia for My Couche-Tard" will win the latest Spank Rock mixtape Couche-Tard (available for pickup at the show).

The Line-Up Is....
This is the jump-off of the year, be there or be a nerd. But not even a sexy nerd. Grab your $10 tix now while you can. This is a 21 & up event. TIX AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE: GRAB ME BABY I'M JUST TEN DOLLAHS


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Curtis Vodka at Walnut Room

DJ Deluxxx warmed up the spot with a wide range of music to get the crowd going. Although Curtis did not have his usual set up of CDJs, he was able to put in an excellent set using Deluxxx's Appletop and Serato ranging from old school Snoop to his usual mix of Baltimore club, including Shoulder Lean, and juke. The dance floor was crazy as the girls juked it about. Shout out to Purple Crush for her popping. Shout out to the over 40 group of about 10 people who were celebrating the birthday of one of their coworkers. Check out Curtis October 6th at Pop Montreal then on tour with Purple Crush in October and November. Check out the rest of the photos here.

Friday, September 15, 2006

What it Do?

Sunday, Curtis Vodka. Sunday, Curtis Vodka. Oh did I mention that Curtis Vodka is playing Sunday with an open bar? In other news, this is the last weekend of the Fringe and it seems to be a slow weekend as everyone is gearing up for Spankrock and friends this coming friday.


  • Biz Markie and free Courvosier at World Fusion (wow did i just mention world fusion?) 123 Chestnut
  • Cold Retarded every Friday at 700 Club with AJ Ready Right (700 N 2nd)
  • And Dim Sum at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
  • Drum n Bass at Vesuvio upstairs (736 s 8th)
  • Funky house with Shakedown at Marathon Commerce Square (2001 Market)
  • Sundae at Bubble House with King Britt - freee
  • Curtis Vodka at Walnut Room with vodka open bar 10 - 11 guestlist here

Congrats to Purple Crush

Congratulations goes out to Purple Crush for winning the grand prize in the Milestones contest for their single Vacation. The grand prize includes $10,000 worth of equipment from Akai, Numark and Alesis. This track will also be out on 12" in Europe with remixes from curtis vodka, disco d, top billin and possibly one more xxx special guest. Coming soon is the Purple Vodka tour featuring Purple Crush and Curtis Vodka. More on that as it develops.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How Long Will They Mourn Me?

10 long years so far. Tupac Shakur died on September 13th, 1996 6 days after being shot leaving the Mike Tyson - Bruce Seldon boxing match in Las Vegas. His career was so much more than this fateful night though. From Digital Underground and a cameo in Nothing But Trouble to 2Pacalypse Now, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. and his role as Bishop in Juice. Honestly I could go on and on about his talent and so far I've only made it to 1993.

Pac has to be one of the most proficient entertainers of all time. In only 4 years he released 6 albums, appeared in 7 films, was shot, served time in prison, wrote hundreds of songs, sparked one of the biggest feuds in rap history, topped the Guinness Book of World Records and more. Although, Tupac is most associated with the West Coast, he actually lived on the East Coast until the age of 17. He was born in Harlem and moved to Baltimore at the age of 13 where he met Jada Pinkett (Smith).

Tupac Amaru Shakur is a larger than life figure that has influence hip hop in a such a way that it is almost immeasurable. The depth and breadth of his work, his raw talent, his energy will all be missed for years to come. Rest in peace.

Wedensday Night Weekly - Free or Open Bar

The Wednesday Night Weekly is now free or has an open bar with Isaac Jordan as your new resident. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays are a $10 open bar. 2nd and 4th Wednesdays are now no cover and have been featuring $1 Vitamin Water and Vodkas. These are dangerous and they balance out. Get your vitamins and your alcohol all in one easy to drink glass for only $1. Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

New Mix from Cobra Kai's Krames

Krames from Cobra Kai out of VA comes with another mix of nothing but dirty dirty. Get the full tracklisting here.

Check out Krames in Boston Providence Sept 14th and NYC Sept 15th.
Related: Krames at Medusa, Mixtape Madness, More Bounce: Xi

Update: Thanks to Brilliant Mistake for pointing out my Mass typo.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Curtis Vodka in Philly This Sunday!

Curtis Vodka direct from Anchorage, AK (see above) is now out on the East Coast in time to escape -20 degree temperatures to bring nothing but heat for the dance floor this Sunday at the Walnut Room. Curtis' record Yeti Bounce is selling like crazy, including holding down number one at Turntable Lab. Expect to shake your ass to Baltimore, Juke and original remixes from Curtis himself including that souled out Yeti Bounce. Word on the street is that there will be vodka open bar and maybe even a bottle of Vodka given away. Sign up now for the guestlist.

Meanwhile, Curtis comes with more heat:

Nothing Fancy Volume 6 out now

Nothing Fancy Volume 6 is out now. This issues theme is "Celebrities". Not sure how that plays out in everything as I personally feel a real fashion week theme. Jay Waldron from Tokyo has some interesting photos of Asian girls, a couple with whimsical hats. Josh Bailey seems to believe that everybody is a celebrity since we're on (CC)TV everyday. Dewey Saunders and Ash Pierce remix some of Jay Waldrons pictures into Technicolor. Nico Stinghe should clearly be the next AA photographer. Personally I find Jess Roberts pictures of younger boys a little much. Charlotte Cheetham's minimalistic drawings seem to be slightly inspired by Disney. They remind me of something that I can't quite put my finger on though. Well worth the time to flip through the online version.

Nothing Fancy Volume 7th is due out Novemeber 6th and they are accepting submissions here. The theme is "Heroics" so photograph, film, write a story or interview your favorite super hero or whoever you see that embodies heroism.

Friday, September 08, 2006

What it Do

Its still summer, school is back in session and this weekend is packed. Can't stop. Won't stop. I might even bring my camera out this weekend. Its also still the Philly Fringe festival. I'm sure there are gems, I'm not up on them though. If you got them, leave them in the comments.


  • Cosmo Baker, Nick Catchdubs at the grand opening of the Social Club 2011 Sansom Street. The Social Club recently took the saran wrap off and their disco club direct from the 70's (think lots of brass, mirrors and disco ball chandeliers) is now open for consumption. Tonight there is an open bar from 10 - 11 but there are only a handful of spots left. Get on the half price/open bar guestlist now.
  • Bob, ubiquitous in Philly, will be creating live art at the Bubble House for Natural Selection at the Bubble House (3404 Sansom) with Clayton and Fulcrum who killed it before Krush on Wednesday. $1 lagers and free apps 10 - 11.
  • The Pop Off Shack Returns! This time it will be at the Social Club (see above). Brendan Bring'em and Low Budget. Hollertronix and Soul Travelers. Oh, did I mention there is a open bar. Holler!
  • MSTRKRFT around the corner at Medusa. Really Medusa? Shouldn't they be playing a Making Time or I don't know, a slightly larger club?
  • Drum n bass in the place at Bubble House with DJ Suv from Roni Size / Reprazent / Full Cycle.
  • Mojito in the fall.
  • Tittsworth at Sundays are the New Black at Walnut Room (1709 Walnut). Remember when Tittsworth killed it at Transit? Yeah, well more of the same from him. Half priced guestlist here.
Next Sunday Curtis Vodka straight from Alaska will be touching down. Spank Rock and friends the 22nd. More and more and more. Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Low Budget / Scottie B + King Tutt EP Out Now!

Out now, a split EP from the one Low Budget & Scottie B + King Tutt! Real Baltimore club sound from the lords of Baltimore sound Scottie B and Unruly Records. This is a huge album and features Low Budget's "Whatchooknowaboutthis", the banging remix of T.I, Bmore Without You a Mary J Blige remix, and Gone Flex With It a bmore rendition of Dem Franchize Boys Lean Wit It. The Scottie B + King Tutt side features the rawkus Kill 'Em in the Club, the aptly named African Chant and Bang That. DJ's need this record in your life, currently #2 at Turntable Lab.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tonite in Philly and NYC

Philly: Welcome to Philly DJ Krush. Krush has been on top of his game for years now. He was here a couple years ago at Marathon Grill outside and my friend (I see you G.) still talks about how great it was. I somehow missed it and he actually went, thats definitely a surprise. Anyway,
DJ Krush truly represents international hip-hop. His real name is Hideaki Ishii, but Krush is just more fun to say. Krush was born in 1962 in Tokyo. After watching the movie "Wild Style" in the early 80s, he bought some turntables, learned to spin and became not only Japan's biggest hip-hop icon, but a world famous DJ, producer and recording artist.

He's kicking off his tour in support of his 8th album Stepping Stones. Its a best of album but in classical Krush style he has remixed all of the tracks.

A few of my favorites from the Lyricism disc:
Pick up both the double disc Soundscapes and Lyricism from Amazon.

New York: Welcome the arrival of Curtis Vodka for free at Sleeper at Thor in the Hotel on Rivington. The spot looks dope. Catchdubs will be there and the party goes til 4. Holler! Check him out in Philly Sept. 17th.

Spank Rock and Friends 9/22/06

First there was this flyer and now comes this:

Buy tickets now!

Happy Belated Birthday

Ok, so it was our birthday August 27th and we're all of one year old. We've come a long way since then, adding new features, mp3's more frequent posts (except as of late.) Well to celebrate we have a number of gifts to give away. We have CD's from the Rub, Steven Bloodbath and more, a womens t-shirt from Puma/Evisu, Curtis Vodka's Yeti Bounce and more. All you have to do is sign up now on our email list by sending an email with preferences to or by adding us as a friend on Do it now as contest ends September 13th (winners will be chosen at random).

Friday, September 01, 2006

What it Do: Last Weekend of Summer

Ok, we've been slacking. We missed our own birthday. You guys deserve more. Next week we'll give you more, you deserve it. Watch out for the return of restaurant week map, free music, upcoming parties and more. Promise, more updates, more often that will be worth the wait. For now have fun with the last weekend of summer. I'm a bit sad about it, I wore a sweater today!

Did I miss something? Email me at