Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bar fights are kind of over played. I have a sneaking suspicion that anyone who participates in slurred stumbling fighting is actually faking it to get on camera. I suspect this for a few reasons.
Number 1: There is a security camera in the pool room downstairs where you can pretend you’re beating up people with your pool stick and concerned faces will rush down with question marks and syringes to try and coerce you into leaving calmly and quietly.
Number 2: If you tell cute girls to watch beforehand, they might actually be turned on by a performance of such a raw and improvised nature, and thusly invite you to their cabs for conversation and, potentially, sex.
So fights are definately overplayed. And number 2 is false.

bar fight [audio]

we are little brother. we will monitor police activities with extreme scrutiny and mild distaste. you can not escape us. because we live here.

"taking pictures of police" [audio]

"Hi, we're film makers. Industrious young artists. Will you pose for our picture? You know you really can go places in this world. I for example, am a publisher, and this is my associate. He's a doctor. It is a shame, but we are all out of business cards, something about a ink shortage in Switzerland. This just won't do. You see we run a website. Oh yes, that website. Please, no. Oh you really don't have to say that. That's very kind of you. Really though, we're just two normal -Yes those are very nice."

"Is this a fake exhibitionist website?" [audio]

Summers closing in

Its football season, or more appropriately Eagles season here. Seth and I headed to Las Vegas Lounge to check out the game. Fridays have $2.25 Yuengling 20 oz drafts which are a great compliment with an Eagles game and a good way to start out the night. So, first game back for Owens and we have a repeat of last year against the Ravens. We watched the Birds put up 27 points to Cincy's 3 during the first half at the bar. Then we played a round of pool while the game finished out.

It was still early so we headed to Drinkers in Olde City. There we ran into the Camerman and a Jose Cuervo promo with free Margaritas. Needless to say I had already used my 2night card to get a free Lager draught. Downstairs was empty so we went to play pool again. We played 2 games and headed up stairs. Out of nowhere a fight breaks out on our right. Its your standard fight, couple good punches, couple screaming girls, and then a quick breakup by the crowd.