Friday, September 15, 2006

What it Do?

Sunday, Curtis Vodka. Sunday, Curtis Vodka. Oh did I mention that Curtis Vodka is playing Sunday with an open bar? In other news, this is the last weekend of the Fringe and it seems to be a slow weekend as everyone is gearing up for Spankrock and friends this coming friday.


  • Biz Markie and free Courvosier at World Fusion (wow did i just mention world fusion?) 123 Chestnut
  • Cold Retarded every Friday at 700 Club with AJ Ready Right (700 N 2nd)
  • And Dim Sum at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd)
  • Drum n Bass at Vesuvio upstairs (736 s 8th)
  • Funky house with Shakedown at Marathon Commerce Square (2001 Market)
  • Sundae at Bubble House with King Britt - freee
  • Curtis Vodka at Walnut Room with vodka open bar 10 - 11 guestlist here

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Corey & Carson said...

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Hope to see you there, keep spreading the Philly love!