Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spank Rock the Troc

What an amazing show. Spank Rock and friends absolutely killed it. There was so much energy and so much quality music all in one venue. This should be the new traveling festival. Spank Rock and friends coming to a town near you to find all the Backyard Bettys, Bumping the speakers with plenty of bass.

Nouveau Riche opened up the show with a 25 minute set early in the night. You can check one of their live tracks at the bottom if you missed it. Contra, MIA's tour DJ, was up next playing plenty of booty shaking jams to get everyone hype for the rest of the night. Juiceboxxx was the first live performer and really set the tone for the night. His set was incredible. Straight out of Wisconsin, Juiceboxxx covered more square footage the rest of the night. He was on stage. He was in the crowd. He was at the back of the crowd. He climbed up the speakers and on to the balcony. He was everywhere. At the end he had everyone lay down and then jumped back up when the song banged again. This kid has so much heart and energy it was amazing.

Up next was Plastic Little. Jon Thousand, NBC and Pack of Rats kept things going as they normally do. Highlights include: Stunna glasses from CVS, Pack of Rats rolling around both stages, Driz Hollering and handing out beer to the crowd, Pack of Rats pouring a beer on his head and then singing the Whole New World section of Driz Hollering, using 3 mics at a time because 1 is never enough, Rats affection for Squid and all the usual P.Little antics. Sadly there was no Ghostface appearance but the album will be out as soon as they stop adding and tweaking tracks.

Tittsworth came on immediately after to keep the crowd bouncing with that Bmore club. The place was packed and wilding out and ready for Spank Rock. XXXchange stepped on stage and started setting up. Devlin and Darko stepped up and continued where Tittsworth left off. The drums from Love Peace Project started and the crowd cheered as Cool MC Disco Spank Rock stepped on stage. Far Left to What it Look Like, Chilly Will, Rick Rubin and more. The crowd sang and danced along to their favorite Spank Rock songs. BBC did their thing on the decks. Pase Rock kept things moving along. Next track to come along was Bump and out from the back came Amanda Blank to do her verse along with Rose from Sweatheart. The crowd went absolutely crazy when they came out and took over the stage. Classic Amanda Blank straight killing at and making the crowd go nuts. Amanda's disco ball boots were crazy as well, straight blinding me before she got on stage. After her verse, since Spankro put her on blast she called out Plastic Little to do Now I Holler. P. Little was hyped, bringing out their PBR and spitting their verses alongside Spank. The lower stage turned into a rowdy moshpit of P. Little, Rose, Amanda, Pase and Spank Rock. Darko came out next on the mic singing "Ass Titties Funky Ass and Titties" alongside Pase Rock which they modified from an old Five Deez song. Race Riot on the DanceFloor (Shake it til My Dick Turns Racist) absolutely kills everytime they play it and this was no exception. The lower stage turned into a dance floor as Spank Rock finished.

Deluxxx came up next and had a short set to segway into the godfather of Bmore club Rod Lee. Lee brought nothing but heat and brought out Spank Rock for a freestyle session. 2:30 the lights came on and the night was over. Shout out to Paper Street with support from Simplefly for putting the show on. dMarie Groundscore took 45 mins of footage and plenty of pictures and should have them up soon. Anthem Magazine had a photographer there so watch out for that. If you have pics or videos hit us up:

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