Friday, September 08, 2006

What it Do

Its still summer, school is back in session and this weekend is packed. Can't stop. Won't stop. I might even bring my camera out this weekend. Its also still the Philly Fringe festival. I'm sure there are gems, I'm not up on them though. If you got them, leave them in the comments.


  • Cosmo Baker, Nick Catchdubs at the grand opening of the Social Club 2011 Sansom Street. The Social Club recently took the saran wrap off and their disco club direct from the 70's (think lots of brass, mirrors and disco ball chandeliers) is now open for consumption. Tonight there is an open bar from 10 - 11 but there are only a handful of spots left. Get on the half price/open bar guestlist now.
  • Bob, ubiquitous in Philly, will be creating live art at the Bubble House for Natural Selection at the Bubble House (3404 Sansom) with Clayton and Fulcrum who killed it before Krush on Wednesday. $1 lagers and free apps 10 - 11.
  • The Pop Off Shack Returns! This time it will be at the Social Club (see above). Brendan Bring'em and Low Budget. Hollertronix and Soul Travelers. Oh, did I mention there is a open bar. Holler!
  • MSTRKRFT around the corner at Medusa. Really Medusa? Shouldn't they be playing a Making Time or I don't know, a slightly larger club?
  • Drum n bass in the place at Bubble House with DJ Suv from Roni Size / Reprazent / Full Cycle.
  • Mojito in the fall.
  • Tittsworth at Sundays are the New Black at Walnut Room (1709 Walnut). Remember when Tittsworth killed it at Transit? Yeah, well more of the same from him. Half priced guestlist here.
Next Sunday Curtis Vodka straight from Alaska will be touching down. Spank Rock and friends the 22nd. More and more and more. Can't Stop. Won't Stop.


Brian said...

Junior Boys at the North Star
Dr. Octagon/Jedi Mind Tricks at the Starlight Ballroom

Both tonight as well

k said...

You guys get some good shit down there...I wish they could make the drive up to VT.

di1 said...

Thanks Brian. You go to the shows? How were they?

K: Don't know how close Boston is but, Certified Bannanas and DJ C are always good and have residencies there. Also check Pop Montreal in early October. Road trips are always fun.

k said...

no doubt di1. montreal does have some good shows hard to hit it for weekday shows (its about 2 1/2 hours for me) but have been able to see jamie lindell and diplo do some friday shows up there. great stuff.