Friday, July 27, 2007

When crazy people grow up....

Yo so I thought I would write an update from that VIP party with Gravy Train and my new favorite no wave band straight out of Philly - GANG. They came on around 8:30 to a semi packed room but by the time their second song pumped in all the kids outside rushed in to get down. I got up close to the stage with this dude in bathrobe who looked like he seriously did just get of the R5. Regardless Gang killed it with their witty banter, blazing hot attire, and over all "fucking shit up" attitude. Like seriously I think what is so captivating about these girls is they act like they are gonna beat the shit out of you and like drag you by your hair to South Philly, then put you on a spaceship and fly your ass to Pluto and lock you in basement and only let you out when they wanna make out with you. I was really feeling it on so many levels, plus they got some dope dance moves and they rock glocks (no uffie). Below you can find my favorite song from them plus this really boss b-52's cover when like the b-52's where dope and no wave and like about fucking with you and having beehives and playing organs and not love shacking it up with VH1.
Yo then my boys (editor: pause), VIP came on stage. Of course they was on some drama shit that night, but I loved it. Johnny had some crazy eye costume on that was kinda all over the place. They did Mad Coke and then like 4 new tracks that I hadn't heard before. Julian Process was kicking it in the back bringing back the sexy DJ for real. The highlight from VIP was Johnny getting on a speaker pulling off his pants and letting the crowd inspect his but walls... they was dirty. Regardless they had this joint that was a reworking of that song Imagination off the Pink Skull 12" from a couple of years back that I was feeling. Side note some dude in the crowd had a shirt that said "I Ain't down with that brown" what a freaking classy shirt. I wouldn't have even thought to make that shit.

Gravy Train, yikes what happened? Shit I think they just grew up. Like two years ago they were like 22 and wanted to get wasted, run around stage naked, play awesome new wave songs about titties and fucking dudes. Now they are like, we is 24 and are taking our shit seriously, still thick and are gonna show off our boobs, rock the shit out of some fishnets put our record out on some obscure label out of Mississippi that doesn’t have the distro like Kill Rock Stars. Shit they got some myspace fucking love though. I had no idea that this shit is like on and poppin like that on myspace. I need to step my under 18 fringe music group knowledge up. The singer started calling out all these songs from their myspace page and the kids were going nuts for that shit. I guess it was an all ages show which I really like since its kinda cool to see girls who are 17 who need attention strip down to their underwear and dance around in front of you while you drink Old English pounders. Yo also big shouts out to that girl who had the spider webs on her clavicles that had pink in them. I was like you are such a punk rock chick. (p.s. you just really ruined any chances for you to wear low blouse at work in the future, like that is some serious serious bad life choices you just made, but fuck it I love it, shit makes girls so much hotter, yo I wish I could go into the future and just see some of these people, like I bet that girl is going to be a therapist or some shit).

But on some other shit they was jamming for a good 45 mins and had the whole place going ballistic so I can't really hate. I mean shit I had a good ass time and would definitely see them again. They also did a track with VIP that was pretty funny since they all got in a line and did the can can dance. Also some dude in the crowd grabbed at the girl Junx costume and ripped it and then some douche in the crowd (wearing matching dayglo hat and wife beater, yes ebay) went back stage and freaking sewed the shit while gravy train kept doing there show. Like that is so not punk rock, or wait is that gay punk? Or like if your gay and you like punk rock is that why you like No Wave? Oh shit.

(Baltimore update soonish, aka Baltimore Hipsters are so much more core then South Philly hipsters, or they just have worse teeth.)

Gang on MySpace,VIP, Gravy Train

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