Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Phlinks - photography related links
  • The above photo is Beth Dubber's entry into the summer edition of the Hey, Hot Shot! emerging photographer competition. Contenders are featured on the H,HS! blog and winners will be in an exhibition opening September 5th. All entries must be received by August 7th. Apply here.
  • Kameraflage takes "advantage of the fact that digital cameras see a broader spectrum of light (i.e they see more colors) than human eyes" resulting in clothing designs that only show up when photographed. Not quite the emperor's new clothes though. More info (via Cool Hunting)


Casi G said...

Shit I should do this and not tell any one and make them really clever terms. like

"Hipster in Training"
"I paid a lot for this shirt to look like I found it at a trift store"

Shit would be ill....

di1 said...

Stop snitchin! Why you gotta be blasting the business plan all over teh internets? Its that new new streetwear specifically made for Last Nights Cobra Scene.