Friday, July 20, 2007

We're VIP starting controversy

Man I have been pretty quiet up on this spot recently cause my boss audited my computer for my internet usage at work and shit was kinda out of control. Basically the SDP banned this website but during my lunch I walk home and sometimes post shit on here or ya know watch Maury.
On the real, Mother Fucking VIP is gonna be playing tonight with Gravy Train. Okay last time I saw this show these two people were playing together and shit was pretty bonkers. It was at the Northstar bar and VIP gets on stage and the first song they do is really crazy speed up maimi bass car track. Like seriously it was a minute and a half. The dude and chick in the band screamed three words over and over in the mic and that was it. After that they went into how back stage with VIP they were all drinking and almost had sex with each other. So they do some more songs and then the guitarist starts dancing around and taking of his clothes. Then all of a sudden dude is naked running around the stage. Shit was fucking epic. He made me want to be gay for the night. They finish and jump into the crowd and then VIP comes on.
Now I am such a fucking VIP fan. This was the first time I saw them live but this is how they started.
"Hey Philly, this song is for all the haters, Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." After that I have been such a fan of these dudes. I think I even wrote about this shit on my old blog (RIP, sike, bloggin is for yuppies, which I was at the time i might add). VIP moved to New York and I hoped that didn't fuck up there style. Remember when Johnny used to have the longest mullet and was the door greeter at Urban. That was the best seeing them live then seeing that dude serve you coffee at Columb.
Moral of this story is that I own a pair of pink fruit of the looms that say "I heart Gravy Train" and the VIP 12" that says "Dear Casi, Keep your butt walls clean" (on some other shit I am sure they made that shit up about Van Halen contacting them, anyways fuck Van Halen, salty bitches). Oh snap I just realized I think my old girlfriend kept the underwear in our breakup. I should text her and get them shits back. Nothing better then a fat drunk dude in pink underwear that are to small for him standing next to you at a show.
Oh yeah and these people are playing again tonight with Gang who I am really excited to see live. I think the one chick from Gravy Train is a lesbian and I am gonna holler at her tonight like, girl you need the remix that means penis, just slip it in like a tampon but it got a man on the end. (hope the tour is going well guys)
Casi G
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