Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What it Do: Advanced Warning

Yeah, there are a few parties coming up so I just wanted to let you know a few that I've run across in the past day. Its full on Summer and by that I mean 100 degrees outside (thank you global warming). Stay cool, drinks lots of fluids, jump in a fountain or two (without your phone). You'll make it. Blogs is watching son.

Today, July 11

Thursday, July 14
Friday, July 13
Saturday, July 14
Monday, July 16
Wednesday, July 18
  • WildStyle outside at Jamaican Jerk Hut, 8 PM
    • Bring a chair and YOB (15th and South)
Thursday, July 19
Friday, July 20
Saturday, July 21
Saturday, July 28
Saturday, 8/11
  • Philadelphyinz @ Medusa featuring Cousin Cole

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