Thursday, April 03, 2008

Your Music

Where we wax poetically on the state of the music industry and point you to new developments.
  • Jay Z has just signed a 360 deal with Live Nation to the tune of $150 million dollars. The deal is good for 10 years and will fund Roc Nation, Jay's buissness, man. Still not sure on these 360 deals, does make sense that concert promoters are stepping in. Wonder how long it is before advertising and other ancillary businesses will step in to create similar deals. Link.
  • ISP Music License. Sign up for the right ISP and download all you want in whatever format you want? Brilliant concept in theory. However, how do profits get distributed equitably? Its widely speculated now that any fees collected now by the RIAA are not going to the artists. Blank media in Canada has had a similar tax since 1997. Link.
  • Create an account. Log in. Upload songs, create a mixtape. Check in the near future. Their blog profiles some of their favorites.
  • MySpace and 3 of the 4 major lables have a tentative agreement to launch a music store. MySpace Music will be spun off into a separate entity that the labels will each have minority stakes in. The site will offer free ad supported streaming music as well as downloads. Not sure where this leaves the hundreds of thousands of artists that have built up the site to where it is today... Link
  • Surprisingly, according to reports, Amazon's digital service has not gained ground like many expected. Meanwhile, Apple is number 1, passing Wal-Mart. Link

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