Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mr. Virgo "Eh" 4x4 Bassline Flava

Another massive 4x4 banger from the one and only Mr. V. He is also know as Virgo for all you grime instrumental fans but that shit is tired. Its all about the big basslines of the UKG 4x4 ut ohhhhhhhhh... The main reason I am posting this track is for the half time break downs that are becoming really common in 4x4 tracks. I think they are absolutely essential in the mix and really add that break in a hardcore 140(+) bpm set... I guess thats kinda why I like the tracks with girls singing lines about dudes also cause it really breaks up the grittyness of this shit. Anyways for the real shit check Mr. V 4x4 myspace page to listen to Weekend Lover that is my shit....


Go to HTFRdotcom and get at the Music Hustler record this dude put out. Game Over kills it everytime I freakin drop it..

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