Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bo Bliz & Emynd representing in Bmore Friday

Yeah I know this place is all about Philly but if you are an in the know reader you know we represent for Baltimore any chance we get. So the Bol Bliz and the Re Emynd eR are heading south to the land cradle of Club Music civilzation. Check the City Paper out of Bmore wrting up these dudes.

Shouts out to Senari who is doing her booking thing and promoting tracks. Its kinda crazy how promoting is pretty much all myspace now but I did see some flyers for this in all the cool spots (even at Unruly Headquaters). I wonder who be working the street team for your shit. Reguardless YGG and yeah kitten crew or what ever that bullshit is.

Check the tracklisting for the new Bo Bliz & Emynd mix tapes over at Crossfaded Bacon Blog. Download them below.

1 comment:

senari said...

thanks for the shout, fellas!

and fyi: kitten crew has nothing to do with me or my parties... far far from it. anyways come down if you can, dude!