Thursday, April 24, 2008

Killa Cameo 1xtra Interview Show

Just went over to Cameo's show on BBC 1xtra (time sensitive so go now and listen back) and dude is interviewing the who's who of the new school of UKG Bassline massive. Interviews with all of my favorite producers at the moment, Dj Murkz, Burga Boi, Witty Boy... Listen into the interviews to hear them chatter about inane things, discuss on how they got new tracks that are gonna be bangin this summer but are still getting rinsed on all the UKG radio shows. Shit is just insane and they are confirming what we already know over here. Bassline is not a fad, its a movement.

Get at these prodcures on myspace here

Murkz myspace
Burga Boi myspace
Witty Boy myspace

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