Monday, April 07, 2008

Scottie B Dj Class Malmo Sweden

If you don't know about Unruly Records and Scottie B yet then please go visit them. Pretty much the best Baltimore Club record label out there right now and pretty much inspired me to do what I am doing over at Flamin Hotz.

But probably my favorite producer that came out on Unruly has got to be DJ Class. This is the dude that is just behind a whole bunch of my favorite tracks. Tear The Club Up, Bombing Head, Stop Snitchin, Do It Girl

If you can find this ep buy it on site for this shit...

I know you wanna leave me
But I refuse to let you go
when you on the bed with me,
you been pleasing me
but there is something else that i need
I need some bombing head
Sweat baby and I won't leave you girl
won't let you go...

I don't have a myspace for Dj Class yet but when I get it you should add him

Dj Class Do It Girl Mp3 192 Killa

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