Friday, February 08, 2008


Yo whats up Dan usually goes through his myspace shit to post up shit in here.

Basically dude is still out and about. Hopefully he paid for hookers in Brazil, haven' talked to him yet so lets just all cross our fingers that he also filmed parts of it on his camera phone, so UK.

P.S. this post is multi colored for my man Nick the Vintern. He is constantly inspiring me over at the hollerboard that he actually takes the time to write some crazy shit then goes in and makes it multi colors with out hitting himself in the face a couple of times.


Let Me Ride at Fluid Night Club (go to this if you are sick of going to the Barbary)
Skipmode's Futureshock part of the illvibe collection at the Khyber (go to this if you like to get educated on some dance music stuff that you could probably get into in the future if some one would put up Bass tracks for free download on soulseek or what ever the fuck you us. ) Interesting enough there is nothing future or shocking about this night. Just a bunch of 20 somthings (note most are under 21, its that holler) getting wasted at the Khyber.

Cat Power is Sold Out (don't bother trying to go) shit I think I am on the list for this if I would just get out and put the posters up. Go to this if your 29 going on 30 and are one of those riot chick's. When you are waiting outside to get a ticket make sure to kick the dude in the balls after he sells you the ticket on some womans power shit.


Philadelphia Yinz at Medusa Lounge. Go to this if you like cheap drinks and predictable tunes. Expect no parking on the dancefloor or what ever. But if you miss it its cool cause you probably saw them recently at Transit, well you probably missed them at transit so maybe you should see them tonight at medusa. Way better drink prices and I bet 20 mins of Baltimore club from 1:25 to 1:45 and then into two indy rock songs for the ladies in the spot then it closes and people get to sit outside and smoke cigs and talk about not going to RUBA.

MAKE YR BREAK FT. KINGDOM AND OMG MICHELLE LIVE!+DJ SETS BY KINGDOM and BUNNYSTYLE at the bubble house, West Philly on blast (I am going to this cause I am still struggling with my sexuality and chicks dig that shit.)

Yo I am gonna try and do a Bassline set at this so if you want to hear me run some records come out to this. Got that heat.

I bet there is a lot more shit I am missing since I don't have a trendsetting myspace page devoted to getting updates on happenigs in the city. So post up in the comments if some shit is poppin I am missing. So I bet most people read this paragraph more then any other paragraph right cause its like four different colors. I see you Nick The V keep hustling that internet, work them websites like they was them corners and keep working for free thats the best way to get paid.


bunnystyle said...

thanks for the shout-out. how's that sexuality coming along?

Casi G said...

Yo dude your party was dope!!! I had a ton of fun and OMG Michelle and Kingdom killed it. Yo man you were running some hot cuts to, lots of Down South Hip Hop some booty and bmore. I am glade that people were getting down to that shit.

So yeah I thought I totally meet this totally hot Indian (dot not native) girl while waiting in line for the bathroom. She was in the peace corps and now goes to Wharton which is crazy cause I got nominated for the Peace corps and went to Wharton and then was like I want your number so I can take you to Au Bon Pan before your Corporate Accounting class and she was all like how are you gonna ask me out at a gay night. So I said I had no idea this was a gay night and was just here to appreciate the music and see OMG Michelle, she then laughed and was like I am here with my girlfriend but if you wanna take me out for coffee anyways I would hang out.

I am super stoked cause she went to the Peace Corps in Africa which was my dream but I didn't speak French so they were like we are gonna put you back in the pool of applicants and see where you fall.

Seriously dude hit me on an email I will send you a bunch of mp3's and shit. Do you do remixs and stuff? Let me know... Seriously.

But I had a super good time and send me an email when the next one is cause I am totally gonna post about it again. It was seriously lots of fun with lots of cool people in face paint and shit. Everyone dancing and having a good time.

Even my boy Seth was having a dope time dancing with all of these Lesbians and then at the end of the night he was like.

Man there was so many hot chicks there then we were like dude you know they were all Lesbians. Ahhhh hahahahah Seth your the man.

But in other words I have pretty much decided I am a Lesbian.

email me.

bunnystyle said...

you're nutz. I'll drop you a line.