Friday, February 22, 2008

Throwback Jungle and Forward

Lets go way back into time with this one. Break out the glowsticks, PLUR, ROAR and all that. Remember Local 13 and their fruit parties, Evoloution, April Foolz, Skyline and the like. Have that fuzzy warm feeling? No idea what I'm talking about, it's all love.

First up tonight DJ Rap Reid Speed Annalyze is headlining 33Twenty with Swarm and Michael Myers. Its going to be ravealicious and I highly recommend you go to this. You should probably leave the glowsticks at home unless your bringing strings with them ;) Seriously though, Annalyze is a highly accomplished DJ and you should know about Swarm and Michael Myers.

As a bonus, I dug through my old collection and found a CD full of Myster Mason mixes from 99 - 01. Mason gave me this CD after dancing to A Side at the bar that is now Shouk like 5-6 years ago. Here is just a little treat. I'll keep peppering you with the mixes if you like them. Sorry no tracklisting.
Forward Info

Step into the Wormhole (c what I did there?), Ravelinks (still active), Substitution (not updated since 06)

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