Thursday, February 21, 2008

Committee of Seventy: Volunteer on April 22nd

Time to volunteer for the Primary Election!
We are looking for volunteers for a very exciting Primary Election, for the Presidency and especially for the State Senate and Representative races. By volunteering just a few hours of your time, you can help safeguard the integrity of the election and ensure that all eligible citizens can freely exercise their right to VOTE! Please see below for details about volunteer opportunities for the April 22, 2008 Primary Election.

Volunteer Opportunities on Election Day:

Citizen Field Volunteer:

Work on a team of 2-3 members (including one driver) and will be assigned to a specific geographic area in Philadelphia. The team travels between polling places, monitoring activity, answering voters' questions, helping to settle minor disputes and directing more complicated problems to the proper authorities.

Office Volunteer:

Work in Seventy's office, answering calls from voters, poll officials and Seventy Volunteers. Office Volunteers will be helping voters find their polling places, giving basic assistance with Election Day rules, directing problems to the correct authorities, and documenting problems that will be responded to by field teams.

Legal Volunteer:

This opportunity is for legal professionals and law students. Legal team volunteers will work on a team of 2-3 members (including one driver) and will be assigned to back up Citizen Teams in a specific geographic area (3 - 4 wards) in Philadelphia. In addition to traveling between polling places monitoring activity, and answering voters' questions, Legal Teams are assigned to more complicated problems that may require the assistance of a legal professional.

All volunteers are required to attend a one-hour training session prior to Election Day. At training, volunteers will receive necessary materials and information for their assignment. We will begin scheduling trainings during the second week of March. Trainings will be held at our Center City office, unless otherwise noted. If you have a group of 15 or more people, we can schedule a time and location convenient to you!

For more information on these volunteer opportunities, or to register go to If you have any questions about these opportunities please call Nina Bloch at Committee of Seventy at (215) 557-3600, ext. 124 or e-mail at

EDITOR: "The Committee of Seventy is a non-partisan organization conducting a permanent campaign to improve the Philadelphia region by demanding ethical conduct of public officials, promoting government efficiency, educating citizens and safeguarding elections." The post previously had a picture of Barack Obama which implied that 70 supported Obama, in fact this candidate is supported by the poster and not the Committee.

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