Thursday, February 28, 2008

Turbostation III

New feature up on Turbostation on Philadelphia Weekly from Jack Schonewolf:

Turbostation are bringing that old feeling back with a monthly party at the Trocadero where the concert hall gets turned into a giant two-floor dance party with various Turbostationers positioned upstairs and downstairs. Bloodbath and the Strawberry Mansion DJs control the main room, spinning hip-hop- heavy sets designed for maximum dancing.

Upstairs, Shawn Ryan, Oh Murder! Inc. and the newest member of the crew, Diamond Girl, provide a room for electronic music fans. For the third edition this month, there’ll even be a rotating cast of DJs in the lobby, providing an eclectic soundtrack for those who want to hang out and not dance.

Check out Turbostation 3 at Trocadero, Friday Feb 29.


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