Saturday, April 29, 2006

What It Look Like

Shotguns, Beast, PBR & 95. Rolling to Baltimore on a party bus for the Spank Rock CD release party at the Ottobar. Whats that smell? Lighters clicking, cantabs popping and a wealth of converstaions meld together. A haze takes over the bus and I don't even think we're out of PA yet. Rinse and repeat for the next hour and a half. Throw in some Champagne, wine, cheese and more lighters clicking for good measure. We know we're close when the radio station has Baltimore club hour playing. Add some impromptu dancing, lots of camera flashes and time speeds up to the point where we're already there.

Its only 9:30 and Philly has just taken over the Ottobar. I mean seriously, who goes out to the club so early? If all of the alcohol on the bus wasn't enough, its free Natty Boh til 11 along with free Sparks for good measure. The club starts to fill up. Local Baltmoreans seem surprised that there are so many people already here and have already drank so much. Upstairs there are pool tables and backgammon. Head back downstairs and The Love Peace Project comes on. They have an impressive stage show with multiple MCs, bongos, bass, drums, dancers and more.

The crowd is in a frenzy and Spank Rock comes on. The energy in the place is almost palpable. Spankro goes through track after track as the crowd is dancing and singing along. Amanda Blank and Rose make a special guest appearance which pushes the crowd over the edge. From Bump to What it Look Like to Top Billing and more the crowd can't get enough. Time flies by and Spankrock finish their last song. The BBC DJs, Devlin, Darko, Chipset and Karl Hungus keep the crowd rocking as they take over the stage.

Amazingly its already 2 and the club empties out. We head back to the bus for the ride back to Philly. Cool MC Disco Spankrock stops by to say goodbye. The bus seems emptier than it was on the way there but no one says we're missing anybody so we head out. The bus is far more reserved as some pass out and some chill out.

The next day we find out a certain Philadelphian in a tux seems to have passed out, missed the bus and woke up at the Ottobar at 6 in the morning. The bus driver cleaned the bus from the ride down at the bar, then cleaned it again back here in Philly and it still had to go to cleaning service since the smell of smoke and beer was so bad. Needless to say, he said the smell of alcohol and smoke was overpowering there and back.

Pictures posted!

Update: More pictures posted courtesy of Myloveiloved
More pictures from Senari

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hangovers are cured with more drinking

True story. Pictures and tales of debauchery from the Spankrock party bus tomorrow. For now:

  • Fire! Power! Happy Hour @ Johnny Brendas with Breakdown

  • Minnow shop with Last Friday art

  • You already know about Ya Tu Sabes

  • Seclusiasis presents the Straight Dope with a Streets listening party

  • Medusa has been around a year? Anniversary party tonight I'm not sure if I think that its been longer or shorter

  • Ladies Love Hip Hop with Ultraviolet

  • Saturday
  • Philebrity presents Thrilladelphia Hancock Street Rock n Roll Carnival Free block party in Northern Liberties.

  • Two words: Pop Off and sometimes (like Y) one word: Popoff

  • Mojito has been rescheduled for next week

  • Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
  • Art, juggling, magicians, brazillian percussion and more at the Fairmount Arts Crawl

  • Its The Motherfucking Rub with Kanye's DJ A-Trak (click for guestlist), Cuiziner & DJ Orgasmic of TTC from Paris all at the Walnut Room
  • Monday, April 24, 2006

    Snap or Die!

    I haven't stopped talking about this since I first heard about it but its out now and you need this. When I got this, I couldn't stop bouncing around in my chair. I'm slightly better now, but if I really need to get something done quickly, Snap or Die is not the mix I listen to. Thats exactly what Snap music and the movement is about. Dancing in the club, leaning wit it, rockin wit it and just bouncing around having fun with it.

    Lots of people have been clowning Laffy Taffy, D4L and lumping all this music together saying its too simple. See the thing is, they're missing the point. The snap movement is about making fun music. Its often high school kids creating infectious rhythms and then getting their shine on at the Poole Palace. Don't take my word for it though, Nat from A Silent Flute spoke with Low B and Deluxxx in Dappa Snappas

    If you're still not convinced check out these mixes straight from the CD.
  • Tracks 3 & 4 - BHI,K-Rab - Bubble Gum mixed into K-Rab - Dunnadun

  • Tracks 15 & 16 - Born Threat, Threat Misses - Juke Ya Boi / Juke Ya Gurl mixed into Born Threat, Kip - Juke Ya Boi (While I do My Shuffle)

  • Tracks 22 & 23 - Youngbloodz - Chop Chop (Trilladelphia Remix) mixed into DJ Unk, Dem Franchize Boyz - Suckaz

  • Tracks 34 & 35 - Luch Millions, Get Rich Clique - Bunny Hop mixed into Southern Drama - Call it Quit

  • If some of yall slept on this before, here it is again Luch Millions - Da Bunny Hop (Dirty) - DJ's hit me up if you need the clean version

  • You can get this at Armands, Turntable Lab, or through paypal by sending $10 from the US or $13 from overseas to

    Personally, I'm pretty sure this is what I thought of when I first heard about Snap. :)

    Art Submissions Wanted

    Another spot looking for artist submissions. is dedicated to showcasing student work.
    The only rules for submission are that it must be your own work, and you must be a student. We are open to all fields of creativity, and all submissions will gain contribution rights to the Open Gallery.

    Each week the featured student will recieve a free book courtesy of AVA publishing.

    Link via NothingFancy Blog.

    Oxycottontail relaunched her website today with fancy graphics, a new blog and a special party celebrating the relaunch along with the release of Snap or Die with Low Budget and Deluxxx on th decks. A Trak and Cuiziner will be hosting the party as well.

    Also check out the video of The Rub throwing them thangs while at SXSW after some drunk dude thought he could push Ayres around. Color commentary afterwards from Spankrock, Teki, Ayres and Cosmo.

    Friday, April 21, 2006

    I believe in Weezy

    Emynd is back with another shirt, this time immortalizing Weezy F. Baby. Its maroon with white screen print and available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. Paypal $20 in the US, $25 Canada, $27 rest of the world. Prices include shipping. As mentioned by someone else, we think that Emynd makes a new shirt to match his new hats.

    Its the Rub on Radio

    While Catchdubs is out of town, a whole cavalcade of guest DJs will be on East Village Radio including Ayres and Kanye West's DJ A Trak who will be in town next sunday for the Sunglasses is a Must tour at Walnut Room. $3 Red Stripes early and its guestlist only

    More info via Fader blog

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Hop around


    New night at Metro by G13 sound featuring Deluxxx, Kb, Double L and El Professor spinning strait hip hop, reggae, reggaeton etc, no mashups here. Ya Tu Sabes

    PaperStreet presents a Mojito precursor at the new club Pulse with Lucas Rivera and live percussion. Get on the guestlist for $5 admission and open bar 9 - 10.

    Philly pillow fight in Love Park
    Metro - Its the Popoff Shack

    No plans for Easter? Feeling undead? Philly Zombie Bar Crawl at your service.

    Destroy Your Liver

    Seg and I will be out of town this weekend but if you have stories or pictures from the weekend Let us Know

    More Bounce: Nu

    I don't like it unless its Brand Nu

  • Nick Catchdubs and DJ Ayres - Tell Me When To Go (Bmore remix)

  • More Curtis Vodka fire on a smoothed out tip Curtis Vodka - Hey Girl

  • Low Budget, EP coming out in 2006

  • T.I. What You Know (Bmore remix)
  • Some smooth Low Budget - Spring Party

  • Since we're on a bit of a smooth tip, check out this mix Lyle Roundtree - Lite Rock. This is the April winner of a new Low Budget monthly mix competition.

  • Ghislain Poirier has a new CD release, "Rebondir EP", and it's now available thru his website via Paypal. Rebondir Records is the name of his new record label, so look out for releases in the near future.
  • For now download track 3 Ghislain Poirier - Pampa Pimp

  • Myninecanpiss is back with a new mix from DJ Slow - cent cinquante bpm aka 150 BPM mix

  • If you've wanted to play baile funk when you're out DJing but only have low quality mp3s, Flamin Hotz has stepped in and started pressing baile funk to vinyl. Check out the snippets below and then go buy the Sou Funk EP
  • Endereco dos bailes
  • Rap de Felicidade
  • Rocky Theme
  • Pau No Cu Do Mudo
  • 1 hora

  • That bol Paul Devro (you may remember from here) has a new re-edit up of Basement Jaxx - Romeo flipped into bmore and an interesting Lo-fi mix from Willie Southgate of David Banner's "Play"

  • If you like your hip hop dirty and from the south check this mix out from DJ Drastik

  • Get on the Spankrock Party Bus In the meantime check out Spankrock - President Evil remix feat Pase Rock Go preorder Yo yo yo yo yo yo now and get a spankrock T-shirt
  • Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Get on the Spank Rock Party Bus

    Spank Rock - Sweet Talk

    Get on the bus. In support of Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo and a lack of Philly album release party, get on the Spank Rock party bus April 27th for a booze fueled cruise to Baltimore for a live Spank Rock performance. Tickets are really cheap and include transportation, beer on the bus and entrance to the show. For more info hit us soon before it fills up with an email to

    Related: Spankrock at Transit

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    DJ Ayres Laptop Fundraiser Pledge Drive!

    Even jetset DJ's have bad days sometimes. DJ Ayres lost his laptop on a flight home recently and now Rub merchandise is on sale. Buy a Rub tshirt and receive the above CD absolutely free. Its the Motherfucking Remix 2.1 includes "a bunch of tracks from It's the Motherfucking Remix Vol 1 & 2 and exclusives from the next Rub EP all as separate tracks (not mixed together) so DJs can play them in a CDJ or Serato. I pressed this CD in limited quantities to give to other DJs at Winter Music Conference and South by Southwest and it is not for sale anywhere."

    More info here.

    Download track 4 MOP vs Queen - Ante Up (DJ Eleven remix)

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Pay to play

    Black Floor Gallery is looking for submissions for their August 2006 show with "special consideration for work that addresses corruption, greed, scandal, cover-ups, failures of democracy, self-interest vs the public good, and other such things." Deadline is May 1st. More info via NothingFancy blog.

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Lean With it Rock With it

    I may have mentioned this once or twice on the blog. Whats it look like it? Whats snap music? Whats that Snap or Die going to sound like?

    Check the dance, learn from the little kids. The Poole Palace in the video is the epicenter of this in Atlanta right now. More on this next week, more snippets.

    Remember that Luch Millions - Bunny Hop, yep thats on the mixtape. You may have slept on it, but I might reup it with the official post.

    Its first Friday. It might rain but you'll be spending most of your time inside anyways so just bring an umbrella.

    Every First Friday, Ulanas is the place to be. Emynd is on vacation this week, but Bo Bliz and Dan the Swede will still be in the place. Very special guest will be Deluxxx who I'm sure will be dropping plenty of that snap music for yall to get your learn on. Get there before 11 and its free, $5 afterwards. If you get there early enough you'll be walking away with the Bo Bliz and eMynd Lemon-Red Mix and the Snap or Die mix by Deluxxx and Low Budget.

    There is a new club opening up downtown called Pulse. The decor will be amazing. The DJ's will be the best in the city and you can experience this firsthand at a special party this Saturday. RSVP now before this list closes as well.

    After you check out Pulse and get your sophistication on, go to the official party at Metro, the Popoff Shack. Last Saturday was huge. Low Budget and friends do it big every Saturday so don't miss out. Filling in for Brendan will be DJ Ultraviolet, Amanda Blank's DJ & founder of Ladies Love Hip Hop. One quarter of the Queens of Transit last weekend, DJ UV will be spinning that hip hop to make the club go crazy.

    Destroy your liver. Khyber upstairs. What more do I have to say about an all night open bar on a Sunday.

    And if for some reason, an open bar on a Sunday doesn't seem like a good idea to you, then check out Seclusiasis radio on Radiovolta. This goes down every Sunday with grime hiphop and other underground music. (Oh and don't worry The Get In found a new home at Tritone.)

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    What Happened at Transit

    From Tommy at Paper Street:
    What happened at Transit on Saturday... if you were at the party then this message is for you. If you weren't you might as well read up anyway, you should find it interesting.

    The party Saturday was going amazing, great music, people, energy and shortly before 4am the lights all came on and the Transit staff was telling me that the cops had shut the event down. They basically shoved into the front door and ordered everyone to turn the lights on, the music off and to get out of the place. There was around 800 people in the place at that point and the last thing on anyones mind was going home. We're still not sure why the event was forcibly ended 2 hours early and we're trying to get a solid answer.

    Probably the biggest disappointment for me was having the sets by both King Britt and Junior Sanchez cut short. Not only were the party goers deprived by their full sets, but both Junior and King were very upset that they didn't get to play all night.

    The best solution I have come up with is to bring you two make up sessions with these DJs shortly that will be free for you. My mom always said that when life gives you lemons, just take one of those lemons and throw it right back at lifes head. I would like to personally apologize for the confusion and the missed opportunity to get more awesome for another 2 hours that night. This is the first time anything like this has happened at an event were thrown and its not a good feeling.

    So sorry guys, Ill make it up to you. Stay classy.

    Definitely an odd experience. Regardless we'll keep you updated when King Britt and Junior Sanchez will be back next.

    Sunday, April 02, 2006

    I aint Never Scared

    What time is it? Looking around at phones, computers and clocks with conflicting times. Regardless its late and I just woke up. Aww shit, Snap or Die. Throw that in the cd player and lets go. Bouncing in my chair trying to remember the whole night. Looking around I see remnants: broken CD case, tattered flyers, battle wounds, aww shit audio posts, random scribblings and a whole snap load of pictures. Lets start from the beginning.

    Last night started early and sober with the Big Art Show. Over 80 artists and a couple bands playing. Highlights include Nose, Isaac Bushkin, Jesse Rinyu, Jude Buffum and the Labold Brothers Ink with some dope shirts. There were definitely others as well that I didn't write down. Oh and this sculpture. Ok, enough of this sober art stuff.

    Fast forward to Popatronix (for the seeeeds!) aka Metro and there is a line to get in. Steven Bloodbath on the tables. What up Emynd? Lager and Jameson special on blast. Head to the back of the club to go upstairs and there is a line! Whoa, I knew tonight was going to be crazy but wow. Around the line and we're upstairs Leanin wit it, rockin wit it. Brendan, Low B and Diplo tag teaming on the decks. Dance floor is packed and going crazy. Deluxxx is there and hits me off with the Snap or Die mixtape that I'm blasting now. Lix is doing his thing on the mic making sure the crowd stays hype. Bo Bliz in the place and hits me off with some flyers for White Tees White Belts this Friday sans Emynd but with special guest Deluxxx. Everybody's favorite Soul Travelers Q and Joy are gettin down on the dance floor, stage and speakers. MC Cool Disco Spankrock is here on some downtime before his tour to support Yoyoyoyoyoyo. Tommy Up rolls in with Junior Sanchez and friends. I talk to Josh who happens to be a loyal reader of 51:51. Hes been downloading tracks from More Bounce for awhile now and playing them at all the cool hipster parties in NYC. At first they're stunned but then they figure it out and can dance to it. Meanwhile Never Scared comes on and the whole place goes crazy. The dance floor turns into a moshpit and the crowd chants "I AINT NEVER SCARED". Afterwards I head to get a drink and run into Cullen Stalin from Baltimore celebrating his birthday. Its nearly 2, well 3, and the party is only half done.

    Listen to the energy in the audio post from Lix. Next up is your girl Q. Needless to say last night was huge and Brendan was seriously hyped

    Lights on, music off. I check my phone and its says 3:21. Wow, that late already? Oh right, daylight savings time. We're out and head to Transit for the afterparty along with the rest of Metro. Another line waiting to get in. We're in. John Redden is on the main floor. I head downstairs and King Britt is doing his thing with those smooth grooves. This is a nice change of pace for a minute but I still have "Never Scared" silently playing so I head up to the attic. Oxy Cottontail is on and provides the real soundtrack. Ultraviolet is up next along with Amanda Blank and Rose from Sweatheart. The crowd is in a frenzy as the girls are the Queens of the room right now. The energy in the air is unstoppable. These points are exactly why we go out. Nothing else matters. You're dancing you're ass off with good music in the background along with a couple hundred of your closest friends. These points recharge you and get you past whatever difficulties you've had or will have. Back to the club and Amanda finishes so I head downstairs to check out the rest of the club. Junior Sanchez is on and rocking the main floor with that dirtyelectrohouse. Back to the basement and Britt is rocking the crowd with block rocking beats. A circle forms and the breakers do their thing with spins, footwork and more. Back to the attic and Bliz is ready to go on but the lights come on. Party is over and my phone says its only 5 something. We head outside to go home and there are a number of cops outside. There is typical standing around, trying to figure out where we're going to go now. This is all interrupted though by a rather rude cop who seems to have a Napoleon complex. Calm down man. Fine, we'll move just chill out.

    Its so nice out that I decide to walk home. On the way Casi G runs into someone he knows coming out of a house party. So after successfully catching the cat who was trying to escape, we head upstairs. Typical house party at 5 am. Lots of drunk people sitting around. Apparently there was a toga party at some point. Surprisingly there is still a lot of alcohol. Someone brought Cristal Aguardiente. Its from Colombia and is the South American version of Sambuca. At some point we finally decide to stumble home. Its light out and it seems like we should go to sleep so that we actually get up at a decent time. So much for that.

    Check out the pictures. Trig also took some pictures. Angelo was at Transit and posted his as well. Possibly more coming soon.